Wiggle French Revolution Sportive 2017

Wiggle French Revolution Sportive : 11th June 2017

14 Striders got up before dawn to take the ferry over to France to take part in the Wiggle French Revolution Sportive. Off the ferry they rode along the coast to Sangatte before turning inland to tackle the longer epic route, a hilly 75 miles. The beautiful French hills kept coming on a hot, windy June day but they stuck together, no one gets left behind being our club motto, completing the course in time to get the 6.30 ferry home.

Wiggle French Revolution Sportive
Waiting to get going: Left to right: Lucy Hewett; Lynne Hacon; Rachel Ward; Paul Bowditch; Neil Hacon; Glenn Davies; Joseph Lovelock; Matthew Pearce (front); Ian Gower; Andy Baptie; Kent Parker; Luis Diaz; Bradley Clayton


Wiggle French Revolution Sportive
On the ferry: Back row left to right: Neil Hacon; Paul Bowditch (hidden behind… Rachel Ward; Ian Gower; Kent Parker; Luis Diaz; Steve Shrimplin; Joseph Lovelock; Glenn Davies; Bradley Clayton Front row left to right: Lucy Hewett; Matthew Pearce; Andy Baptie


Wiggle French Revolution Sportive
Left to right: Matthew Pearce; Andy Baptie; Kent Parker; Lynne Hacon; Luis Diaz; Ian Gower (Front); Lucy Hewett; Paul Bowditch; Bradley Clayton; Rachel Ward; Neil Hacon; Steve Shrimplin

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