Training Sessions

The club organises various training sessions throughout the week with options to suit all abilities. Risk Assessment


Intervals @ 6.45pm for the easier paced runner at Milton creek country park (ME10 2HA). Please contact Emma on 07879815441 for more details.


This is our main club night and we have various options to suit all standards of runner.
Barry Simmons & Julie Southall lead a slower paced run from the UK Paper Sports Ground in Gore Court Road at 6:30pm.  For more information on this group, please contact Barry Simmons on 07900 031107.

Emma Pomeroy organises the main club run from the same venue at 7:30pm.  These runs consist of varying routes of around 5-7 miles and are suitable for all speeds of runner. During the summer they are on country lanes and public footpaths. In the winter they are mainly in town but do go on country lanes with runners wearing head torches. Please contact Emma on 07879815441 for more details. Approximate Group Paces are shown below. Our run leaders are Glenn Davies, Lisa Duce, Dan Edmondson, Emma Higgins, Neil Hacon, Vanessa Patching, Emma Pomeroy, Garry Read, Kevin Rye, Marriane Seaward, Helen Shears, Roy Shears, Jen Simpson & Gina Woodfine

Group Namemin / milemin / km
Aup to 8:005:00
B8:00 to 9:005:00 to 5:35
C9:00 to 10:005:35 to 6:15
D10:00 plus6:15 plus


Emma Pomeroy offers a beginners 12 week course run by  starting from the Grove Park on London Road.  Please contact Emma via our Striders Facebook group or on her mobile 07879815441 for more details if you would like to enrol on the course. There is also a dedicated Facebook Group for the beginners course.



We offer several options on a Thursday evening.
All runners are welcome to do a slow easy run of around 5 miles from the UK Paper Sports Ground in Gore Court Road at 6:00pm.  This group is led by Wendy Knee.

Runners of all abilities do interval training from various venues at 7:30pm. Usually from the UK Sports Ground but may take place on Westland’s School running track in the summer. In the winter months they may be held at the Medway Park Track.  This group is led by Neil Hacon.


A longer run of 10 miles upwards is usually arranged for a Sunday morning starting at 8:00am. The routes allow for members to cut the distance short or add an extra loop to tailor the mileage to suit their requirements.  Usually from the UK Paper Sports Ground in Gore Court Road but venues for these runs may vary and may not take place if there is a race on. If this occurs it will be published on our Facebook group or an email will be sent out to all members. Also on Sunday is an easier paced run for anyone doing 11 1/2 min miles plus, this also starts from UK Paper Sports Ground but at the later time of 8:45. Emma on 07879815441 is the contact for these runs


Long Run Rota Long Run Rota

Risk Assessment

A Risk Assessment has been carried out with regard to club training runs, please read as it contains important information.

Risk Assessment 15.03.2017

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