Marriane & the Great South Run

Marriane inspires team mates with defiant effort
Marriane Seaward showed the big C what she is made of when she sped round the Sittingbourne Parkrun on Saturday, 20 October.

In February Marriane was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since undergone chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and is currently having radiotherapy. Despite this she put on her running shoes to storm round the multi-terrain 5km in 32mins 56secs, much to the delight of her supporters.

Great South run for five Strider ladies

Five Striders travelled to Portsmouth for the Great South Run held on Sunday, 21 October.
The mass participation 10-mile race attracts thousands of runners and the Strider ladies put their best foot forward to return some excellent results.
Jo Bing, Jackie Austin, Annette Lebreton, Lisanne Tullett and Talita Wagg donned their smart newly designed Striders vest for the occasion.

First back for the Striders was Jackie in 1hr 39mins. Hot on her heels was Lisanne in 1hr 40mins 53secs. Annette and Talita came home close together with Anette at 1hr 50mins 8secs and Talita with 1hr 50mins 43secs.
Jo put in a supreme effort to return a time of 2hrs 4mins 53secs.

Parkrun Takeover, Berlin & Howlett

Parkrun Takeover, 15/09/18

The Sittingbourne Striders took a break this week from running Park Run in their home town and instead took over the organising of the weekly event.

The club had over forty of their members come out to volunteer and help support the many men, women, children and dogs tackle the 5k course around Milton Creek Country Park on a beautiful Saturday morning.

They had a striking presence as were all out wearing the new club kit which was designed by Kelly Pamplin a club member who won a competition within the Striders.

Chairman Emma Hudson-Wright said: “The event went really well and it was lovely for us as a club to help and support such a great, free activity that sees so many people out getting fit and enjoying running.”


Berlin Marathon – 16/09/18

Emma Penfold travelled to Berlin to run in one of the most popular marathons. Inspired by the performance of Kenyan Kipchoge who shattered the marathon world record by completing the course in 2hrs 1min 39secs, Emma hot footed it round the course to finish in 5hrs 32mins 44secs.

Woodhouse Moor Parkrun

Yvonne Crawford took part in the Woodhouse Moor parkrun on Saturday, 15 September. She completed the 5km undulating course in 33mins 10secs.

Bridge 10km in Sydney

Strider Chris Williams, who is a Strider despite living in Sydney did the Bridge 10k at the Sydney Running Festival. He finished in 42mins 21secs to finish 239th out of 13,153 athletes.

Howletts 10KM, 16/09/18

Sisters Helen Shears, Emma Higgins and Georgina Higgins had a wild time at the Howletts 10km which began at the animal park in Bekesbourne.

Helen Shears and Georgina Higgins completed in 1hr 17mins with Emma dashing off ahead to complete in 1hr 12mins.