North Downs 30km 2018

A number of Striders took part in one of the most beautiful but gruelling long distance races on the Kent calendar on Sunday, 24 June. With nearly 600m of hills to climb it’s a very tough event.

Liz Weeks was first back for the team. Her time of 2hrs 26mins saw her take a spot on the podium for 2nd place overall. Elliot Stokes followed in 2hrs 54mins .

Angela Smith was first back for the Strider ladies finishing in 3hrs 48mins, Teresa Watson was not far behind in 3.55.

North Downs Run 2017

North Downs Run : 25th June 2017

18 Striders took on this challenging, multi terrain 30k event using established tracks and lanes over the North Downs.

North Downs Run 2017
Striders at the North Downs Run: Left to right back row: Vanessa Patching; Andy Patching; Joanne Bing; Nicholas Gallavin; Abbey-Gale Bratby; Mark Ransom; Michael Diddams; Kent Parker Left to right front row: Sally Patching; Wendy Knee; Robert Holmes; Marriane Seaward; Stuart Ridout; James Topham

North Downs Run Results out of 471 Entrants
Kent Parker time: 2:38:41 place: 79
Michael Diddams time: 2:49:46 place: 126
Michael Poppy time: 2:56:06 place: 160
Mark Ransom time: 3:09:34 place: 221
Rosie Williams time: 3:09:52 place: 225
James Topham time: 3:11:30 place: 232
Andy Patching time: 3:13:21 place: 239
Ashley Claridge time: 3:17:45 place: 251
Rob Sapp time: 3:17:45 place: 252
Nicholas Gallavin time: 3:30:05 place: 314
Abbey-Gale Bratby time: 3:32:23 place: 318
Stuart Ridout time: 4:01:40 place: 416
Marriane Seaward time: 4:04:41 place: 417
Joanne Bing time: 4:26:54 place: 452
Robert Holmes time: 4:39:21 place: 459
Wendy Knee time: 4:39:21 place: 460
Sally Patching time: 4:47:05 place: 466
Vanessa Patching time: 4:47:05 place: 467