London Triathlon 2019

A quiet weekend for running races this weekend so all eyes were on the Stiders Triathletes. A team of Striders took part in the Hamburg triathlon (full report next week) and Lorraine Neale represented the club at The London Triathlon at the Excel Centre. Lorraine completed the Olympic distance; a 1500m swim, a 40k cycle race and a 10k run, in the fantastic time of 3:14:15

London Marathon 2019

22 members of the Sittingbourne Striders took to the streets of London for the 39th Marathon this Sunday, along with 42,000 other runners who in total raise over £1billion for charity in one the highlights of the UK running calendar.

Lee Simpson was the first Strider to cross the finish line, with an impressive time of 3hrs26mins31secs, and Alison Davey was the first lady strider over the line coming in at 4hrs27mins48secs

Landmarks, Smugglers, Megalith & Whitstable

London Landmarks Half Marathon- a race that attracts nearly 13,000 runners and runs along the Thames taking in the popular sights throughout Westminster and the City. First strider home was Daniel Barnard in 1hr50mins40secs, and the first lady strider over the line was Amanda Claridge who gained a personal best and finished in 1hr59mins38secs.

London Landmarks Half Marathon
Daniel Barnard 1.40.40
Ashley Claridge 1.41.42
Mark Jones 1:44:10
Darren Billings 1:52:25
Amanda Claridge 1:59.38 PB
Sam Gillham 2:10:28 PB
James Batchelor 2:11:44
Simon Brenchley 2:11:44
Kate Chia 2:17:51 PB
Joanne Strudwick 2:31:34
Jacqueline Woodhouse 2:39:33
Susannah Ulyatt 2:59:31
Louise Marshall 3:00:51
Mona Lewis 3:05:53

Smugglers 10k
Teresa Watson 56.49
Lorraine Neale 58.14 PB
Sara Cox 1:03:15 PB
Tracey Jenkins 1:07:48
Talita Wigg 1:14:00
Georgina Higgins 1:16:59
Lisa Burton 1:25:14

Medway Megalith Marathon
Ollie PRYER 4:19:20
Rebecca Still 5:19:58
Samantha Hewitt 5.09:31

Medway Megalith Half Marathon
Jackie Austin 3:23:13
Helen Shears 3:30:18
Emma Higgins 3:30:15

Hastings Half Marathon
Jo Pettitt 1:51:41
James Pettitt 1:51:41
Jackie Austin 3:12
Emma Penfold 3:30
Stroke Resolution 15K
Ann Meeks 1.49.54
Kelly Batchelor 1.51

Stroke Resolution 10K
Carolyn Marshall 1.11.12

Whitstable 10k
Abbey-Gale Bratby 55.14
Andrew Thomas 55.14
Alison Williams 1:07:12

Whitstable 5k
Sally Patching 32:29

London Duathlon 2018

In Richmond Park on Sunday the 16th September three Sittingbourne Striders competed in the world’s largest duathlon. The three entered the 15th annual London Duathlon, completing a 10 km run, a 44 km bike race and a final 5 km run to the finish line, while dodging suicidal squirrels and six foot stags!

1423 Ian Gower 02:50:59
1450 Steve Shrimplin 02:54:57
2308 Andy Settle 03:27:30

London Duathlon

Left to right: Steve Shrimplin; Ian Gower; Andy Settle


London Marathon 2018

20 Sittingbourne Striders took part in the London Marathon held on Sunday, 22 April 2018.

With record temperatures the runners had a lot to contend with for the mass participation event. It is fair to say that despite many of the team being capable of running sub-4 hours times, the extreme heat took its toll with a number deciding to ease of the pace in the interests of safety.

Many of the team were running in aid of good causes with thousands being raised for charity.

London Marathon 2018

1 st for the club was Mick Diddams who just missed out on sub 4, he ran 4.04.14. He was closely followed by Ashley Claridge, running in aid of Children with Cancer, in 4.06.15. Third Strider home went to Craig Eccleston 4.26.25.

Alastair Wilkins, who is in the process of joining the club, was the only friend of the Striders going under 3-hours. He ran a fantastic race to finish in 2.44.08.

First lady home for the team was Olwen Cockell, running for the Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit, she completed the course in 4.08.12. 2nd lady Strider back was Karen Seymore, who was running to raise money for NDCS. She finished in 4.34.43. Third place honours were taken by Angyalka Bartlett in 4.49.43.

The drama of the day was provided by Paul Williams, running in aid of MDNA. He became disorientated 800m from the finish. Two runners saw him struggling and lifted him by the elbows to escort him to the finish. Though the time of 5.57.11 is somewhat off the usual pace for the runner, the experience highlights the spirit and comradery that the marathon brings out in people.

Striders London marathon competitors (with charity where applicable)
Alastair Wilkins 2.44.08
Mick Diddams 4.04.14
Ashley Claridge 4.06.15 (Children with Cancer)
Olwen Cockell 4.08.12 (Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit)
Craig Eccleston 4.26.25
Karen Seymour 4.34.43 (NDCS)
Andy Patching 4.38.05 (Children with Cancer)
Angyalka Bartlett 4.49.43
Paul Dyer-Wright 4.50.05 (St Michaels Hospice)
Vicky Attwood 4.52.01 (Team Victa)
Daniel Judd 5.03.29 (Team Macmillan)
Ronald Smith 5.20.31
Paul Williams 5.57.11 (MNDA)
Joanna Bing 6.07.11
Daniel Tester 6.14.41 (Muscular Dystrophy UK)
Colin Ayling 6.20.31 (Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit)
Hayley Thomas 6.29.44 (Clic Sargent)
Annette Lebteton 6.39.06 (Wisdom Hospice)
Dionne Grant 6.39.07
Alison Davey – retired

London Landmarks Half 2018

The club put forward a big team to the London Landmarks half marathon. The top three striders home all were within a few minutes of each other. First back was Ashley Claridge in 1.39.33. Under 2 minutes behind was Glenn Davis in 1.41.16. Next it was Steve Shrimplin in 1.43.43.

The ladies also put in good runs Karen Seymore was 1st from the team in 1.46.54. Orla McGaley was 2nd in 2.46.19 jointly with Felicity Cleary who ran the same time.
Ashley Claridge 1.39.33
Glenn Davies 1.41.16
Steve Shrimplin 1.43.43
Ian Morgan 1.44.28
Andrew Charlesworth 1.44.39
Karen Seymore 1.46.54
Paul Williams 1.46.54
Paul Bowditch 1.53.39
Darren Billing 1.53.39
Joao Nunes 2.08.35
Orla McGaley 2.46.19
Felicity Cleary 2.46.19
Michelle LeMasonry-Bennett 2.4.46
Dionne Grant 2.48.20
Hayley Thomas 2.48.20
Denise Grant 2.49.06
Natalie Jimenez 2.55.44
Sam Gillham 2.57.08

Vitality Big Half 2018

Despite Swale feeling the full force of the beast from the East it was a busy weekend of racing for members of the Sittingbourne Striders. Many of the runners were eager to stretch their legs after taking shelter from the snow storms.

On Sunday, 4 March Lucy Hewett, Paul Bowditch, Emma Penfold and Nicky Knight all travelled to London to race in the first ever Vitality Big Half. The striders lined up in Tower Bridge alongside 10,000 other runners for the 13.1-mile event which finished in Greenwhich and took in a number of the same roads as the London Marathon.

Lucy was the first home for the team in 1.45.14, this saw her finish near the top quarter of the field in 2538th place. Paul Bowditch was hot on her heels in 1.48.03, good enough for a top third finish in 2987th place. The pair did not have to wait long for their team mates cheering in Emma Penfold in 2.06.28 and Nicky Knight in 2.08.37, 6272th and 6625th place respectively.

AJ Bell London Triathlon – Live to Tri

AJ Bell London Triathlon – Live to Tri :Saturday 22nd July & Sunday 23rd July
Olympic Distance – 1.5km Swim / 40k Bike / 10km Run

3 Striders competed at the London Triathlon flagged as the ‘Worlds Largest Triathlon’ which has races continuously over the course of the weekend. A timely storm hit whilst they were tackling the swim but this did not deter their efforts giving the following results:

Luis Diaz (Leamouth route) crossed the line in 2:32:15 placing him 134th out of 1371 entrants
Martin Feaver (Leamouth route) finished in 2:55:39 placing him 1662 out of 2361 entrants
Paul Holt (Westminster route) finished in 3:00:16 placing him 765 overall out of 1371 entrants