Folkestone 10 mile 2019

19 members of the Sittingbourne Striders took part in the Folkestone 10 mile race on Good Friday, a fast and flat course running along the coast from Hythe to Folkestone and back. Just over 700 runners took part in the race in glorious sunshine and hot conditions.

Anthony Jackson was 2nd placed overall and first strider home with an amazing time of 58mins45secs, and Caroline Lewis was the First Lady Strider home in 1hr28mins37secs.

Anthony Jackson 0:58:45
Gareth Lewis 01:10:43
Paul Bowditch 01:24:30
Caroline Lewis 01:28:37
David Howes 01:31:24
Alison Davey 01:32:07
Davina Brown 01:32:51
David Whittley 01:34:25
Barry Simmons 01:36:10
Emma Penfold 01:41:27
Ronald Smith 01:41:53
Julie Southall 01:54:02
Clive Glover 01:56:30
Katrina Potter 01:56:34
Claire Hogben 02:00:53
Victoria Whittley 02:07:42
Susannah Ulyatt 02:07:43
Sandra Gardiner 02:16:05
Dave Wood 02:16:05

Folkestone Half and more

Four Striders headed to Folkestone on Sunday, 30 September for the half marathon event.
Special mention must go to Dave Austen as this was his first ever half marathon event. Since starting his running journey he has lost 2 stone in weight and is hoping to get a place in the London Marathon. Dave completed the course in 3hrs 36mins 2secs to the delight of his club mates.
James Pamplin has been going well and put in an impressive performance crossing the line in 1hr 41mins 6secs. He was able to watch Gavin Malloch finish in 2rs 9mins 43secs with Stuart Rideout completing the 13.1 miles in 2hrs 19mins 22secs.
Alison runs great 10km in Paris
Alison Jarvis travelled to Disney Land Paris to compete in the 10km event as part of the small world’s celebration of running. The Strider finished in 1hr 19mins.
Ain’t no mountain high enough for Rachel
Rachel Donaldson is known for taking on some extreme challenges but this weekend settled for running up a mountain! Rachel finished the 10km uphill mountain race in Wansfield Pike in 2hrs 23mins.
Striders lead the way at the castle
The Striders enjoyed a multi terrain hilly 10km at Leeds Castle on Sunday.
Ceri Burr was first back in 46mins 34secs. Next was Carolyn Marshall in 1hr 7mins 47secs followed by Louise Marshall in 1hr 9mins 31secs. Susannah Ulyatt was next back in 1hr 10mins 22secs. Unfortunately no times are available for Emma Chamberlain, Dave Wood or Sandra Gardiner who had also signed up to run the event.
Monster effort in Loch Ness for William
The previous weekend saw Strider Wiliam Wakeman complete the Loch Ness Marathon. He didn’t spy Nessie but did finish the 26-miles in 4hrs 6mins 45secs.

Folkestone 10 Mile

Despite seasonally appropriate Biblical rain, three Sittingbourne Striders decided to put on their racing shoes and take on the Folkestone 10-mile running race held on Good Friday, 30 March 2018.

Liz Weeks, Ronald Smith and Alison Davey all donned their Striders racing vests in the 10-mile event which took runners from Folkestone to Hythe.

First back was Liz, deciding to get out of the rain as quickly as possible, returning a time of 1.03.12. This saw her take to the podium as second placed woman in the event with the added bonus of a trophy for first in her age group (V35).

Next back was Ronald in a very good time of 1.35.57. Unfortunately on this occasion Alison did not finish, however it is early season with many events to come.

After the race Liz said: “It was a fast flat out and back course, but the strong headwind and heaving rain made it a very challenging run.” 
Folkestone 10

Folkestone Rotary Half Marathon 2017

Folkestone Rotary Half Marathon : Sunday 24th September

6 Striders took part in the Folkestone Half Marathon with the following results:

Darren James 1:58:26 – placing him 207th out of 585 entrants
Sam Fawcett 2:20:44 – 429th
Jo Clarke 2:24:50 – 456th
Shelly Wilson 2:24:50 – 457th
Kevin Eastop 2:33:09 – 511th
Clare Eastop 2:33.08 – 512th

Folkestone 10 2017

Folkestone 10 : Friday 14th April

4 Striders ran in the 34th Folkestone 10 mile race a fast, flat course which took them mainly on the traffic-free seafront promenade from Hythe to Folkestone and back. 

Denise Fredric 1.22.08 was first Strider home placing her 158th out of 454 entrants
Ronald Smith 1.32.12 placing him 268th
Emma Penfold 1.40.08  352nd
Dominic Norwell 1.45.20 386th

folkestone 10