A dozen Striders took part in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday, a 26.2 miles course starting from Preston Park and then following a course along the coast. Daniel Barnard (pictured) was first strider home in 3hrs52mins30secs and Sophie Byrne was the first lady strider home, on her first Marathon, at 4hrs38mins35secs

Lone striders also took part in the Brighton 50k bike ride (Darren Billing in 2hrsmins45secs), Goodwood Running Grand Prix half Marathon (Emma Penfold 2hrs7mins51secs) and the Paris Marathon (Pires Scott James Simpson 3hs24mins)

Brighton Marathon Full Results

Daniel Barnard 03:52:30
Steve Prince 03:54:12
James Topham 03:55:23 PB
Richard Sutehall 04:02:24
Sophie Byrne 04:38:35 PB
Ross Campbell 04:39:32
Nicky Knight 04:44:47 PB
Rachael Noble 04:44:55
Steve Russell 05:02:45
Gavin Malloch 05:15:54
Sheila Malloch 05:15:55 PB
Jackie Austin 06:59:35

Brighton Marathon and 10k 2018

The conditions for the seafront marathon were a vast improvement after the heat of last years race, with 21 Striders taking part in what is now the 2nd largest marathon in the UK and 6 in the 10k.  Kevin Rye led the Striders pack home obtaining a personal best of 3.06.45 placing him 214th overall in a field of 19772 runners! Teresa Watson came in with another pb of 4.28.53, earning her a good for age place in next years London Marathon



Kevin Rye 3.06.45 214th out of 19772 runners – pb
Ashley Claridge 3.42.58 – 1660th
Mick Diddams 3.47.01 – 1979th
Laura Woods 3.57.02 –
Sarah Bradshaw 3.57.55 – 3050th – pb
Lucy Hewett 3.59.01 – 3182nd
James Pamplin 4.01.21 – 3407th
Kellymarie Lywood 4.02.11 – 3478th
Rob Sapp 4.09.14 – 4030th
Matt Nunn 4.13.33 – 4500th
Steve Prince 4.13.20 – 4371th
Ross Pilcher 4.15.27 – 4569th
Teresa Watson 4.28.53 – 5799 – pb & gfa
Paul Bowditch 4.30.35 – 5944th
Lisa Hammond 4.33.17 – 6184th
George Samuel 4.46.01 – 7299th
Gavin Malloch 4.59.29 – 8326th
Andrew Howes 5.20.35 – 9487th
Jo Bing 5.43.20 – 10387th
Steve Bradshaw DNF
Darren James DNF

Shelly Coker 48.29 – 461st out of 4552 runners – pb
David Whittley 50.04 – 585th – pb
Sheila Malloch 59.05 – 1581st – pb
Orla Mcgaley 1.08.10 – 2514th – pb
Felicity Cleary 1.08.10 – 2515th – pb
Wendy Howes 1.10.58 – 2731st – pb

London to Brighton Off Road Bike Ride 2017

London to Brighton Off Road Bike Ride: Sunday 24th September

2 Striders took part in the UK’s biggest charity off-road ride. Going for 10 years the route was varied including tough climbs, technical descents, rocky surfaces and dirt trails! Well done Sarah Louise Strachan and Christopher Rogers for completing this tough challenge!

Brighton Marathon & 10k

Brighton Marathon & 10k : Sunday 9th April
25 Striders were cheered along the seafront by 150,000 spectators at the Brighton Marathon on the hottest day of the year so far:
Brighton Marathon
Striders before the Brighton Marathon left to right: Ashley Bean; Bradley Clayton; James Brincat; Ross Pilcher; David Forman; Nick Bayntun; Darren Billing
James Brincat 3.24.01 was first Strider home placing him 519th out of 7774 men (Brighton split by men/women) 12,562 ran in total.
David Valenti 3.34.49 placing him 947th out of the men
Paul Harrison 3.41 PB 1235th
David Forman 3.43.01 PB 1298th
Ashley Bean 3.43.01 PB 1299th
Scott Simpson 3.45.21 1429th
Kate Rose 3.51.39 1st Marathon 1st female Strider home placing her 283rd out of 4818 women
Geoff Tyler 3.54.31 PB 2018th
Nick Baytun 3.55.36 2109th
Steve Bradshaw 3.56.51 2195th
Bradley Clayton 4.03.44 2605th
Jen Coleman 4.06.49 645th
Ross Pilcher 4.17.48 3376th
Keith Whiskin 4.22.34 PB 3695th
Carli Deacon 4.29.411st Marathon 1378th
Abbey-Gale Bratby 4.34.16 1518th
Andy Patching 4.40.08 4663rd
Nikki Brenchley 4.45.06 PB 1926th
Darren Billing 4.49.46 5194th
Stuart Ridout 5.10 *lost chip 
Martine Ingram 5.53.36 1st Marathon 3996th
Sally Patching 5.54.47 4028th 
Rachel Donaldson 6.07.23 1st Marathon 4219th
Wendy Knee 6.16.33 4336th
Robert Holmes 6.16.34 7216th
Lee Simpson 40.38
James Pamplin 47.46
Vanessa Patching 1.04.35
Joanne Bing 1.04.54