The Bridge Team Relay Duathlon

3k run, 12.5k bike, 3k run
It was a sea of red, black and gold at the Cyclopark with 45 Striders taking part in the Team Relay Duathlon.
Making up 15 of the 37 teams taking part in the run, bike, run event this was a first try at a multi sport event for some members from the running side of the club. 
Team Tunstall were first home, 4th mixed team, total time: 2:42:38
Steve Prince 54:25
Olwen Cockell 56:37 ** 1st female Strider
Nick Baytun 51:34
Team RAM 2:43:04 5th mixed team:
Rachel Ward 1:00:24
Michael Neame 53:07
Andy Baptie 49:32 **1st male Strider
Team AES 2:48:09 11th male team
Sean Bootes 1:02:17
Elliott Stokes 52:54
Ashley Claridge 52:57
3 Men 1 Of Which Is A Doris 2:50:10 7th mixed 
Rachael Robertson 1:03:12
Phil Robertson 53:56
Nick Freeman 53:01
Woody And Her Peckers 2:52:52 8th mixed
Gina Woodfine 1:02:04
Joseph Lovelock 54:23 
James Topham 56.24
Two Wronguns Don’t Make A Wright 2:55:56 9th mixed
Andrew Howes 59:19
Claire Wright 1:02:56
Paul Bowditch 53:40
Not So Random Oldies 2:56:31 10th mixed
Paul Williams 1:05:56 (2 punctures!)
Karen Seymour 57:10
Ian Gower 53:24
JLM 3:01:01 11th mixed 
James Reeves 50:33
Marriane Seaward 1:12:59
Lucy Hewett 57:28
Miles to Martinis 3:04:38 12th mixed
Abbey-Gale Bratb 1:03:12
Kelly Lywood 59:51
Andrew Thomas 1:01:34
Cirque du Sore Legs 3:04:56 13th mixed
Clare Eastop 1:07:10
Neil Hacon 50:33
Lorraine Neale 1:07:12
Striders 3 Shiggles 3:06:49 14th mixed 
Andy Settle 1:01:48
Trudy Thomas 1:11:36
Andy Waller 53:24
Wednesday Wizards 3:07:12 15th mixed 
Lisa Hammond 57:41
Nicola Garner 1:13:10
Ross Pilcher 56:20
Rose Between Two Thorns 3:09:38 13th mens 
Jeff Fox 1:04:12
Brian Best 1:07:57
Martyn Grant 57:34
Pimp My Stride 3:10:23 16th mixed 
Emma Chamberlain 1:12:28
Kevin Eastop 56:14
John Nunes 1:01:40
Lean, Mean and Keen 3:18:33 17th mixed 
Melissa Prince 1:15:31
Lynne Hacon 59:55
Katherine Windsor 1:03:05

Ocean Lake, Bridge Duathlon, White Oak Triathlon

Ocean Lake Sprint Triathlon – Leybourne Lakes – 2nd June- 750m Lake Swim; 18k Bike; 5k Run 
Nick Freeman represented the Striders in the first of this seasons sprint tris held at Leybourne Lakes. He came 41st overall out of a field of 77 entrants crossing the line in 1.23.18.
The Bridge Midweek Duathlon – Cyclopark, Gravesend – 4th June – 5k Run, 20k Bike; 3.3k Run 
Alison Davey took part in her first solo duathlon, which was 2 of a series of 5 mid week duathlons being held at the Cyclopark at Gravesend. She crossed the line 1.38.42 for which she was presented a trophy for 2nd lady!  Alison has now got the duathlon bug and said it won’t be her last! 
White Oak Triathlon – White Oak Leisure Centre, Swanley – 9th June – 400m Pool Swim; 22km Cycle; 5k Run 
Ian Gower travelled to Swanley to take part in the White Oak Triathlon which in its 30th year is one of the oldest Triathlon events in England. He crossed the line in 1.21.13 placing him 47th overall out of a field of 169 entrants, 5th in his age category. 

Bridge Winter Duathlon 2017

Glenn Davies took part in the Winter Duathlon at the Gravesend Cyclopark on 5th Feb 2017, the traffic free event involved a 6.5km run followed by a 20km bike finishing with a 3.5km run which he did in a time of 1.27.03 placing him 18 out of 34 competitors.  Glenn came 3rd in his age category winning a trophy for his efforts.  Full Results

Bridge Triathlon Winter Duathlon