Leeds Castle Triathlon 2018

Striders were out in force at the Leeds Castle Triathlon either marshalling or competing in the event which was the next in the club championships. 21 members took part 8 of which it was their first triathlon. The competition was as hot as the weather as competitors swam in the moat, rode along the A20 and ran around the undulating grounds of what is hailed as ‘The Loveliest Castle in the World’. Great results for the club details of which are as follows:
Sprint Distance 750m swim; 26k bike; 5k run – Saturday 23rd June 
Joseph Lovelock 1.37.08 54th overall out of 555 entrants 5th in category 49th in gender
Andy Baptie 1.39.41 80th overall 15th in category 71st in gender
Ross Pilcher 1.44.52 144th overall 22nd in category 124th in gender
Lee Simpson 1.46.04 156th overall 11th in category 133rd in gender
Rachel Ward 1.46.42 165th overall 3rd in category 21st in gender
Roy Shears 1.54.45 259th overall 39th in category 214th in gender 1st tri
Jeff Fox 1.57.42 287th overall 42nd in category 230th in gender 1st tri
Jen Coleman 2.01.25 327th overall 11th in category 66th in gender
Katy Jackson 2.03.12 344th overall 6th in category 71st in gender
Clare Eastop 2.04.34 358th overall 10th in category 75th in gender 1st tri
Kevin Eastop 2.05.17 366th overall 53rd in category 274th in gender 1st tri
Danielle Smith 2.07.00 385th overall 22nd in category 88th in gender
Trudy Thomas 2.09.22 407th overall 8th in category 102nd in gender 1st tri 
Sophie Byrne 2.11.30 424th overall 14th in category 111th in gender 1st tri 
Olympic Distance 1500m swim; 40k bike; 10k run – Sunday 24th June (2019 ITU World Championship Qualifier)
James Reeves 2.39.10 146th overall out of 465 entrants 18th in category 130th in gender
Martin Clark 2.51.33 243rd overall 23rd in category 187th in gender
David Valenti 2.57.40 280th overall 32nd in category 212nd in gender
Stephen Prince 3.01.02 314th overall 31st in category 232nd in gender
Phil Robertson 3.06.21 346th overall 22nd in category 253rd in gender – 1st tri
Rachael Robertson 3.31.33 427th overall 12th in category 114th in gender – 1st tri
Nicola Garner 3.40.22 443rd overall 13th in category 122nd in gender

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