In memory of Matt

memory of matt

Striders together in memory of Matt
A number of Sittingbourne Striders ran 3.7-miles this week in a mark of respect for a runner who sadly collapsed and died whilst taking part in the London marathon.

The effort followed a social media campaign in memory of Matt Campbell, named ‘Run for Matt’ which encouraged people to walk, jog or run the final 3.7-miles of the marathon that sadly Matt himself will never finish.

A few of striders ran their own private efforts, but many gathered prior to the Sittingbourne Parkrun at Milton Country Park on Saturday, 28 April in a bid to finish the race in Matt’s honour. In a show of solidarity for a runner they did not know, but through sport, feel a connection with, the team put their best foot forward and completed Matt’s marathon.

memory of matt

Those taking part were Paul Bowditch, Louise Marshall, Carolyn Marshall, Allison Bourne, Alison Kite, David Whittley, Kevin Rye, Darren Billing, Jo Bing, Jen Coleman, Sam Gillham, Sam Mumford, Martine Ingram, Carey Kite, Heather Kendall, Vanessa and Sally Patching, Jessica Dufton, Olwen Cockell, Annette Lebreton, Dionne Grant, Daniel Tester, Jackie Austin, Nicky Knight, Karen Longley, Steve Bradshaw, Donna Grace, Abbey-Gale Bratby, Mick Diddams, Andy Patching, Teresa Watson, Karen Seymore, Wendy Knee, Robert Holmes, Sam Hewitt and Ollie Pryer.

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