Hole Park 10k & Canicross 10k

Hole Park 10k & Canicross 10k  : Sunday 2nd April

10k Canicross

This was the first event for the Canicross Striders, the latest addition to the Striders family, the group runs bi-weekly with their canine friends. All finished in the top 8 of the 10k! 
Andy Baptie won the 10k in a time of 48.28 
Michael Wraight finished 4th in a time of 55.16
Norman Swann finished 7th in 58.36
Lisa Duce finished 8th in 59.04


Three Striders tackled the hot and hilly course .
Sarah Strachan finished in 1.05.54 placing her 32nd overall out of 44 entrants
Karen Longley finished in 1.12.29 placing her 38th
Emily Middleton 1.12.30 placing her 39th 


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