Heros Ultra, Crete

Event: Heros Ultra Crete
Date: 21st May 2016
Location: Crete
Distance: 156km

Graham Harraway travelled to Crete to take part in the Heroes Ultra. In it’s first year, the 156km route with an elevation of 5,500m was created by Panos Gonos and is based on the story of the abduction of General Kreipe, (Hitlers right hand man) by a handful of soldiers. The route starts in Nirtavri on the Northern side of the island and heads south and left across the mountains, to Peristeres Beach and follows the path that the WW2 British soldiers took after they kidnaped the General from one of the most heavily guarded regions and took him across Crete to the beach where they set sail to Egypt.

Graham (back row 4th from left)

27 contestants set off at 8am on Saturday 21st hoping to meet the cut of time of 30 hours but Graham didn’t have to worry finishing in an amazing 26hrs 19m 28s placing him 7th out of the eventual 21 finishers. A brutal but fascinating journey, the local support even through the night was 2nd to none and a testament to the true Crete hospitality.

For more information: www.heroesultra.com/the-story

Graham Harraway (back row 4th from left) and the other contestants that started the epic journey.

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