Hasting Half Marathon 2017

Hasting 33rd Half Marathon : Sunday 19th March:
12 Striders battled against the wind at the 33rd Hastings Half Marathon which was the 3rd race in the 2017 Club Championships. 
Alison Davey 1.45.03 566th out of 2593 runners
Emma Pomeroy 1.48.55 689th 
Paul Dyer-Wright 1.48.56 691st
Mark Ransom 1.51.38 835th
Darren James 1.59.31 1198th
Julie Greene 2.01.28 1205th
Ronald Smith 2.02.57 1254th
Natalie Miller 2.07.01 1440th
Joanna Branchett 2.07.17 1441st
Emma Penfold 2.06.39 1462nd
Dominic Norwell 2.18.36 1893rd
Leslie Jackson 3.14.21 2538th 

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