Emma Pomeroy & Roy Shears have a Coach in Running Fitness qualification, this includes …

• Athlete Development
• Athlete Profiling and Physical Assessment
• Fundamental Skills and Running Drills
• Skill Development
• Energy Systems and Endurance Running
• Physical Preparation including the use of multi jump and multi throw activities
• Nutrition and Hydration
• Injury Prevention and Management
• Flexibility in the warm up and cool down
• Factors Influencing Performance
• Elements of Planning and Delivery
• Role and Responsibilities of a Coach
• Coaching Skills
• Integrated coaching

Emma Pomeroy

My mum got me in to running, she started when she was 50 and encouraged me to do it after having my second child and putting on quite a bit of weight!
To begin with I ran alone which was hard to do and when I started putting more distance in that’s when my Mum (who had joined a club in Sussex) said it would be good to join a local club especially with dark nights coming and have some company and help with achieving some goals.
It took me about 6 months to pluck up the courage to attend a Striders training night but I eventually did and it was the best thing I ever did!
I have been with the club for about 12 years now and have achieved 5ks, 10ks, 10 miles, half marathons and 8 marathons and been lucky enough to do London 3 times through the ballot.
I have also been very involved with the club, I arrange the Tuesday night run sessions, have been XC country captain, race director, a member of the committee and my biggest achievement and something I’m very proud of now carry the position of Chairwoman.
I have also for the last 7 years ran a beginners group 0-10k in 12 weeks and run these 3 times a year along with fellow Striders and we also run a boot camp group in the Summer, through the beginners we encourage people to join the Striders and have many that are now very active members within the club and who have gone on to achieve so many personal goals which is great to see.
Sittingbourne Striders is a fantastic running club to be a part of, the club has gone from strength to strength and all the members are very welcoming and encourage each other in whatever they do whether it’s a park run Pb or an Ultra race the support people have for each other is just fantastic.
I’ve made many friends through being with the club and am so glad I went along on that Tuesday night years ago, even though they made me run up Stockers hill for my first club session which could have put me off completely!
Roy Shears

In Dec 2015 I lost my Dad to cancer and at this time was smoking about twenty cigarettes a day, so decided that this was time and the reason to turn my own life around and this is when I decided to try running and maybe explore some other things.
I became a member of the Sittingbourne Striders and I have made a lot of friends there and they are like my extended family. I have become a qualified run leader and I very quickly became even more involved and have recently become an active committee member amongst many other things.
I have recently looked further into our Triathlon side with a new goal of achieving an Iron Man.
This club has so much to give and will always support you in everything you would like to achieve and has helped me turn my health and life around.