Rye Ancient Trail & Wingham

18 Striders took a trip to Rye to complete the Rye Ancient trail race. 12 Striders completed the 30k distance. Paul Williams was first Strider home in a time of 2:39:36 and was first in his age category. Vanessa Patching and Andy Patching also achieved prizes for being first in their category. 6 Striders completed the 15K distance with Emily Middleton being the first Strider home in a time of 1:58:20. (Results: 30KMichael Poppy 2:42:59, Mark Ransom 3:24:57, Martin Stevens 3:29:48, Andy Patching 3:30:12, Lisa Duce 3:40:56, Jeff Gardiner 3:42:37, Joanna Branchett 3:54:49, David Whittley 3:57:23, Vanessa Patching 4:35:42, Joanne Bing 5:13:45, Angela Clarke 5:39:09, Paul Willia,s 2:39:36 1st in age category ,15K Teresa Watson 1:58:21, Emma Higgins 2:10:07,Helen Shears 2:10:09, Marianne Stewards 2:18:57,Sandra Gardiner 2:25:22)

3 Striders completed the Wingham 10K, Gavin Malloch was first Strider home in a time of 57:14. (Jackie Austen 1:02:12 and Sheila Malloch 1:08:42).

Other Striders travelled further afield this weekend. Richi Sutehall completed the Shoreham Woods 10k in a time of 58:13. Yvonne Crawford travelled to Yorkshire to complete the Paras 10 mile race in a time of 2:02:10 and Richard Morrison joined Sir Mo in The Great North Run in a 1:52:46 (PB). 3 Striders completed the half marathon distance in Surrey Bacchus, first Strider home was Talita Wigg 3:13:05. (Pamela Ferrell 3:13:06 and Guy Mills 3:09:44)

Canterbury Half & Badlesmere 10k

8 Striders braved the heat to run the ‘undulating’ Canterbury Half Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday. Rebecca Still was first strider home with a fantastic time of 1hr 49mins and was 7th female overall.
Sunday saw nearly two dozen Striders in action across Kent. Richard Vassiliou led 8 striders at the Badlesmere 10k, finishing in 56:16. First Lady strider home was Amanda Claridge in 58:51.
Gareth Lewis was the first strider home in the Kent Coastal Half Marathon in a fantastic time of 1:35:18, and the First Lady back was Kirsty Jade Lucas in 2:23:33

Canterbury Half Marathon 26th August
Rebecca Still 01:49:36
Robin Hunter 01:53:41
Richard Vassiliou 02:27:02
Gavin Malloch 02:39:50
Jackie Austin 02:43:02
Vanessa Patching 02:49:37
Emma Chamberlain 03:07:21
Clive Glover 03:09:51

Badlesmere 10k 1st Sep
Richard Vassiliou 00:56:16
Daniel Vassiliou 00:58:10
Amanda Claridge 00:58:51
Jackie Austin 01:04:27
Susannah Ulyatt 01:11:05
Katrina Fisher 01:12:27
Angela Clarke 01:13:27
Victoria Whittley 01:16:28
Eridge Park 10k Trail
Jeff Gardiner 01:47:00
David Whittley 01:58:00

Kenilworth Half Marathon
Emma Penfold 02:07:24

Kent Coastal Half Marathon
Gareth Lewis 01:35:18
William Wakeman 01:54:15
Kirsty Jade Lucas 02:23:33
Sara Cox 02:24:03
Lisanne Tullett 02:32:02
Clive Glover 02:34:51
Talita Wigg 02:35:51
Tracey Jenkins 02:39:02
Katrina Potter 02:44:46
Leeds Castle 10k
Matt Simmons 00:46:22
Matthew Chesson 00:57:33
Lizzie Lowrey 00:58:59

Blackpool Run the Lights & Mount Ephraim

Joanne Bing headed to Blackpool this weekend to “Run the Lights”. The 10K race took place along the promenade at 9pm and Jo finished in 1.11.

Several Striders ran a little closer to home for the Mount Ephraim 10K. The hilly course wasn’t made any easier with the rain, however, Lee Simpson romped home in an impressive 43.52 followed closely by Jennifer Simpson in 47.42. Matt Simmons followed in 47.43 (PB),  Martin Stevens 53.32, David Whittley 59.02, Jackie Austin 1.03.31 and Louise Marshall 1.13.30. Joanne Priston & Vanessa Hawks crossed the line together in 1.20.32. 

North Downs 100 & Lydd 10k

This was another quiet weekend whilst many of the Striders are on their holidays and not many races are taking place. However some Stiders were undaunted and managed to gain some excellent results. 
Firstly Rebecca Still completed the Lydd 10k in a fantastic personal best of 46:17, and was 2nd female overall and first in her age category. 
Not to be outdone, Elliot Stokes ran the 100 miles North Downs race from Farnham to Ashford, with an elevation of 10,000 feet, in a fantastic time of 25hrs and 48 minutes.

Mid Kent 5 Miler 2019

Six Striders completed the Mid Kent 5 Miler on Sunday. First Strider to finish was Mark Leppard in a time of 39 mins and 45 secs. Jackie Austin was the first female to finish with a personal best of 40 mins and 24 secs. (Chris Scarlett 40:24, Joanne Priston 55:52 PB, Vanessa Hawks 55:53 PB, Jane Patching 1:04:37)

Emma Penfold had a busy weekend completing races on both Saturday and Sunday. She completed the London City Relay 10k in 70 mins and the Sevenoaks 7 in 1:11:27.

Pretty Muddy, Herne Bay 10k, Bewl Water

Sittingbourne Striders were well represented today at Pretty Muddy, a 5K race which was held in Maidstone.  Emma Hudson-Wright, Orla Mcgaley James, Carey Philpott Kite, Alison Kite, Aneta Steers, Sandra Gardiner, Paula O’Reilly, Emma Higgins, Lisa Burr, Elliott Mead, Susannah Ulyatt and Alison Kemp all crossed the finish line raising awareness and funds for Cancer.

James Reeves took on Herne Bay 10K and was first Strider home finishing in an impressive time of 41.42 (PB) followed by Daniel Barnard 46.05, Tabitha Stewart 47.28 (PB) Clive Crisp 50.54, Martin Stevens 53.01, Jackie Austen in 55.30, which was a PB and Dave Wood in 1.16.39.

Chris Mudge 2.15.38 (PB), Jeff Gardiner 2.28.41 (PB), Steve Russell 2.36.27 (PB),  Alison Davey 2.49.35 and Ronald Smith 2.53.37 all took on Bewl Water 15 Mile Race.

Kirsty McBride represented the Striders at Cliffe Woods 5 mile race and finished in 48.32.

Gavin Malloch was the solo Strider at Hever Castle Festival of Endurance Half Marathon and finished in 2.17.57.

North Down 30k, Port Lympne 10 & Whotstable 10k

The Sittingbourne Striders were out in force at several different events this weekend.

Rebecca Still led the charge at the North Downs 30k, a challenging race starting from Gravesend and weaving its way through the picturesque surrounding of Cobham and Shorne. Still finished in an impressive 3hr5mins57secs. Gavin Malloch was the second strider home in 4hrs3min47secs.

Lizzie Lowrey led another group who ran the Port Lympne 10k, running around the zoo in 1hr13mins14secs, closely followed by Clive Glover who finished in 1hr16mins15secs.

Gareth Lewis headed for the coast and finished the Whitstable and Herne Bay 10k in a great time of 40mins57secs, and teammate Kerry Buston finished in 1hr5mins1sec

However, without doubt, the bragging rights for the weekend have to go to Gary Spicer, who not to be outdone decided to run up and down a mountain, completing the herculean task of the Mont Blanc marathon in a gruelling 9hours2mins5secs. 

North Downs 30K

Rebecca Still                                                                                                                                                           03:05:57

Gavin Malloch                                                                                                                                                       04:03:37

Lorraine Neale                                                                                                                                                      04:13:37

Esther Harris                                                                                                                                                          04:13:39

Jackie Austin                                                                                                                                                          04:22:55

Marianne Seaward                                                                                                                                             04:47

Victoria Whittley                                                                                                                                                  05:11

Susannah Ulyatt                                                                                                                                                   05:11:00

Port Lympne 10k

Lizzie Lowrey                                                                                                                                                         01:13:14

Clive Glover                                                                                                                                                           01:16:15

Talita Wigg                                                                                                                                                              01:34

Lisanne Tullett                                                                                                                                                      01:34

Louise Marshall                                                                                                                                                    01:34

Emily Middleton                                                                                                                                                   01:34:06

Whistable and Herne Bay 10k

Gareth Lewis                                                                                                                                                         0:40:57

Kerry Buston                                                                                                                                                         01:05:01

Mont Blanc Marathon

Gary Spicer 9:02:05

Sandwich 10k, Harbour Wallbanger

Jackie Austin led a small team of Striders at Sunday’s Sandwich 10k, a fast and flat course that starts on the edge of the ancient town of Sandwich and also uses the lanes around the village of Worth. Jackie finished just under an hour in 58:25, and the first gentleman strider home was Clive Glover in 1hr1min38secs.


James Topham completed the 7k Harbour Wallbanger running from Broadstairs to Ramsgate on Saturday finishing in 37mins58secs, with Gemma Flegg winning bragging rights as the first lady back in 48mins44secs.

Sandwich 10k

Jackie Austin 58:25

Clive Glover 1:01:38

Claire Hogben 1:05:23

Louise Marshall 1:15:36

Claire Evans 1:28:24

Julie Tribe 1:30:01

Harbour Wallbanger 7k

James Topham 37:58

Gemma Flegg 48:44

Max Bodimeade 50:14

Saxon Shore Half Marathon

An impressive 48 Striders showed up for Sunday’s Saxon Shore Half Marathon, which is one of the clubs 2019 Club Championship races along the Kent coast. 

Gareth Lewis finished in 13th place and was first Strider home finishing in an impressive 1.29.14 with Claire Wright being First Lady home finishing in 1.50.46.

Sam Lewis came in just behind Gareth finishing in 1.30.14 Gary Spicer followed finishing in 1.34.49. Ashley Claridge 1.37.14, James Topham 1.41.01 (PB), Glenn Davies 1.41.29, Paul Williams 1.41.43, Chris Mudge 1.42.55, Paul Bowditch 1.46.40, Micheal Neame 1.47.50 (PB), Kelly Brett 1.53.01 (PB), Kelley Lywood 1.53.01, Richard Sutehall 1.57.10, Andy Patching 1.58.33, Andrew Howes 2.00.14, Jonathan Fox 2.00.46 (PB), Chris Scarlett 2.00.49, Emma Penfold 2.07.10, Davinia Brown 2.07.13, Jackie Austin 2.07.50, Mark Leppard 2.08.36, Terry Morse 2.09.18 (PB), Guy Mills 2.09.41 (PB), Gina Woodfine 2.10.37, Andrea Lees Farrell 2.12.29 (PB), Gavin Malloch 2.14.35, Graham Tho As 2.15.02, Ronald Smith 2.15.29, Gemma Flegg 2.18.47, Shelley Wilson 2.21.06, Kirsty McBride 2.21.12 (PB), Vanessa Patching 2.21.14 (PB), Lizzie Lowrey 2.21.18 (PB), Amanda Mills 2.25.32, Sara Cox 2.25.58 (PB), Sally Patching 2.27.22 (PB), Felicity Cleary 2.29.47, Paula O’Reilly 2.36.51 (PB), Lisa Burton 2.37.28 (PB), Katrina Potter 2.38.31 (PB), Angela Clarke 2.39.15, Kelly Batchelor 2.39.19, Susannah Ulyatt 2.41.17 (PB), Helen Shears 2.41.32, Wendy Howes 2.44.05, Vanessa Hawks 2.45.06, Joanne Preston 2.45.07 (PB), Denise Grant 2.48.15, Pamela Farrell 2.48.16, Talita Wigg 2.48.16 and Victoria Whittley 2.53.44.

Elsewhere, Rebecca Still took on The Wall, an ultra marathon starting at Carlisle Castle and ran an impressive 69 miles in 15.10.53.