Canterbury 10 Mile 2017

Canterbury 10 Mile

A massive 56 Striders turnout out on a cold foggy January morning to kick off the race season with the Canterbury 10 mile road race, which marked the first race in the Club Championships.

First Strider home was Rhys Goddard in his first 10 mile race in a time of 56.26 placing him 7th overall out of 1300 runners. Kevin Rye was 2nd Strider home in a time of 1.04.16, a PB for him, placing him 68th and Lee Simpson was 3rd Strider across the line in 1.08.12 placing him in 146th overall. First female Strider home was Jen Coleman in a time of 1.14 placing her 290th overall. Full Results

Canterbury 10 Mile
Back row left to right: Rachel Ward; Steve Bradshaw; Sarah Bradshaw; Gary Spicer; Ross Pilcher; Teresa Watson; Andy Baptie; Rachel Donaldson; Abbey-Gale Bratby; Dominic Norwell; Helen Shears; Marrianne Seaward; Roy Shears; Nikki Brenchley; Sean Bootes; George Samuel; Bradley Clayton; Andy Patching; Gill Holmes; Darren Billing; Lee Simpson; Michael Diddams; Alison Davey; James Reeves; Gavin Malloch; Kent Parker (DNF injured); Joao Nunes. Front row left to right: Geoffrey Tyler; Olwen Cockell; Emily Middleton; Stuart Ridout; Ronald Smith; Ian Gower; Gina Woodfine; Jen Coleman; Steve Shrimplin; Andrew Nellies; Karen Seymour; Lucy Hewett; Martin Ingram; Kevin Rye

NameChip TimeOverall Position 
Rhys Goddard56:247PB
Kevin Rye01:04:1668PB
Lee Simpson01:08:12146
Anthony Brown01:09:39182
Scott Simpson1:09:51:6187PB
Gary Spicer1:09:51:8189PB
Michael Diddams01:11:02217PB
Andy Baptie01:11:17222PB
Ashley Bean01:12:12242
Ross Pilcher01:12:32250
Ian Gower01:12:48253
Jennifer Coleman01:13:59290PB
David Forman01:14:34300PB
James Reeves01:14:45307
Geoffrey Tyler01:14:48309
Steve Shrimplin01:14:54312
Steve Bradshaw01:15:00318
Alison Davey01:15:29341
Paul Williams01:15:41348
Bradley Clayton01:15:53354
Lucy Hewett01:16:45376PB
Rachel Ward01:17:40405PB
Gill Holmes01:18:45436PB
Olwen Cockell01:18:47438PB
Karen Seymour01:20:39486
Andy Patching01:20:56491PB
Gary Read01:22:00520PB
Sean Bootes01:22:23529PB
Roy Shears01:23:23556PB
Darren Billing01:23:39560PB
Carli Deacon01:26:53657
Sarah Bradshaw01:28:00695
Andrew Nellies01:28:09699
George Samuel01:29:10732
Gavin Malloch01:29:41752
Max Bodimeade01:29:50760
Gina Woodfine01:30:10771
Stuart Ridout01:30:14772PB
Martin Ingram01:30:20774
Sam Fawcett01:31:31810PB
Emma Penfold01:32:18833
Joao Nunes01:34:19900
Emily Middleton01:35:15920
Nikki Brenchley01:35:21922
Abbey-Gale Bratby1:35:45:2930PB
Julie Greene1:35:45:3931
Ronald Smith01:39:171021
Marriane Seaward01:45:381138PB
Teresa Watson01:46:501167
Sally Patching1:48:32:31193PB
Vanessa Patching1:48:32:31195PB
Rachel Donaldson01:48:441200PB
Dominic Norwell01:49:061209
Helen Shears01:52:421234PB
Stacie Dean2:02:51:21270PB
Anita Valentine2:02:51:41271PB

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