Bike Maintenance

Some highlights of our Bike Maintenance Session run by Jamie Goldthorp of  

Saddle Bag Essentials

This is what you should carry in order to get you out of trouble and get you home …

Lip Salve, Cable Ties, Tyre Levers (Pedros), Spare Inner Tube, Chain Speedlinks, CO2 Canister, CO2 Inflator, Multitool, Money to Phone Home, Rear Mech Hanger, Cleat Bolt


Replacing a chain …

.. wheel off

.. wheel on.


Some Useful Links …

Here’s a few bits from the session that you may find useful:

Pedros tyre levers – (these are the cheapest but there are a few places that stock them):

Quick chain links – remember that as rule of thumb, count the number of cogs on the back and buy the corresponding ‘speed’ link:

Muc Off lubricant:

Swarfega wipes (good for everything):