Bewl 15 2017

Bewl 15 2017

The Bewl 15 : 2nd July 2017

Voted as 6th best race in the UK it was a record turn out for the 18th running of this popular event organised by Wadhurst Runners. Perhaps it was the draw of celebrity Dame Kelly Holmes who started and ran in the race which takes in the pretty, gently undulating hills around Bewl Water.

Bewl 15 2017
Striders before The Bewl 15. Left to right back row: Ceri Burr; James Reeves; Gavin Malloch; Bradley Clayton; Glenn Davies; James Topham; Gary Read; Michael Diddams Left to right front row: Marriane Seaward; Ronald Smith; Emily Middleton; Gina Woodfine; Andy Patching


16 Striders turned out on the hot July morning with the following impressive results:

Anthony Brown time: 1:57:49 place: 137th out of 819 Runners
Michael Diddams time: 1:58:38 place: 150th
James Reeves time: 1:58:39 place: 151st
Glenn Davies time: 2:05:23 place: 215th
Bradley Clayton time: 2:09:43 place: 265th
Ceri Burr time: 2:16:33 place: 339th
Rosie Williams time: 2:17:52 place: 356th
Gary Read time: 2:18:22 place: 365th
James Topham time: 2:20:09 place: 381st
Andy Patching time: 2:27:23 place: 468th
Rhian Shrimplin time: 2:30:31 place: 493rd
Gavin Malloch time: 2:35:16 place: 546th
Gina Woodfine time: 2:39:28 place: 600th
Emily Middleton time: 2:51:24 place: 691st
Ronald Smith time: 2:51:35 place: 695th
Marriane Seaward time: 3:05:28 place: 745th

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