Emma’s Striders Beginners

The beginners course starts very gently with running and walking and we have a great success rate in getting people running 5k and some up to 10k.  We meet on Wednesday nights at UK paper sports pavilion off of Gore Court Road in Sittingbourne ME10 1QN and start at 6.45pm – although the first week is a 6.30pm start as we will have a few things to go through. 

Beginners 2016

The next course starts on 19th April and will last for 12 weeks, I have a Facebook group called Strider Beginners which you can join as I post a lot on there and here are some more details……

The 12 weeks will cost £36 which we ask for up front and we do not offer refunds, (if you have to stop with us for any reason we will just offer you a place on the next course) this can be paid on the first night or in advance (in order to speed up the first week)

Every week we will do a warm up, then the main session and then a cool down and stretch. We ask that whatever we do on the Wednesday you repeat twice more before we meet the following week. You can do these “homework runs” or your own or maybe with others of the group – peer support is a fantastic motivator. We have experienced Striders members who help each week and who are always on hand to give advice if needed and will help you achieve your goals.

The course has been running now for 3 years and we have had many people who have achieved more than they ever dreamed of, 5k runs, 10k’s, half marathons and even marathons…………anything is possible if you work hard enough!

If you would like any more information please feel free to contact me and if you’d like a place on the course let me know 

Emma Pomeroy

Emma (left) with helper Gina (right)