Snake Lane, Trosley & Hampton Court

Yvonne Crawford completed the Trosley 10k which included 174 steps. She completed this challenge in a time of 1:24:34.

Despite the windy weather, it did not stop Striders completing the Snake Lane 10 mile race in Pocklington. First Strider home was Guy Mills in a time of 1:29:10 and first strider female back was Talita Wigg in 1:48:58. (Other times: Barry Simmons 1:36:33, Pamela Farrell 1:50:08, Julie Southall 1:51:10).

Kieran Conway travelled to Hampton Court to complete the half marathon race. He completed this in a time of 1:36:18.

Headcorn Half & Barcelona Half

While Storm Dennis did its very best to ruin this weekend’s running, a few intrepid Striders braved the elements at the Headcorn Half Marathon this Sunday. Gavin Malloch, Davinia Brown, Sheila Malloch and Jackie Austin ran through mud, puddles and driving winds,
but all crossed the line within four minutes of each other, at 2:14:39, 2:17:29, 2:18:05 and 2:18:55 respectively.

Away from England’s inclement weather, Sam Lewis completed the Barcelona Half Marathon in 2 hours, 1 minute and 35 seconds — securing Sam not only another great time but also bragging rights as the only Strider to see some sun this weekend.

Turkey Run & Dartford 10k

The Striders defied their hangovers from their Christmas Party the night before to tackle the 27th Turkey Run, organised by the Maidstone Harriers, this Sunday.

Resplendent in their festive outfits, they tackled the notoriously muddy 7.5 mile course starting from East Malling. James Topham won the bragging rights as the first Strider home in 1:00:32 and Karen Seymour was the first lady back in 1:09:12

Turkey Run

James Topham – 01:00:32
Paul Bowditch – 01:05:11
Roy Shears – 01:08:00
Karen Seymour 01:09:12
Emma Hudson-Wright – 01:12:03
Paul Hudson-Wright – 01:12:06
Andrew Howes – 01:13:09
Gavin Malloch-  01:19:36
Mark Leppard – 01:19:56
Aneta Steers – 01:19:59
Ronald Smith – 01:25:46
Sheila Malloch – 01:27:00
Lisa Burton – 01:27:05
Jackie Austin – 01:30:03
Sally Patching – 01:46:10
Helen Shears – 01:46:10
Denise Grant – 01:47:45
Katrina Potter – 01:47:45
Jane Patching – 01:47:48
Emma Higgins – 01:48:40
Dave Wood – 02:01:00
Michele Topham – 02:03:18

Dartford 10k

Richard McDonagh – 0:43:04
Suzi Rawes – 01:04:34

Thanet 10 Mile

Scott Simpson led 18 striders on a trip to the very windy seaside on Sunday to take part in the Thanet Alan Green Memorial 10 mile race, the last in the 2019 Striders Club Championship races.

Simpson was the first strider back, crossing the line in 1hr6mins40secs, closely followed by Sam Lewis in 1hr7mins47secs and Neil Hacon in 1hr8mins3secs.

Gina Woodfine was the first lady strider home, finishing in 1hr33mins11secs, followed by Jackie Austin who gained a new PB with a time of 1hr36mins21secs and Lisa Burton who was the third lady back with a PB of 1:43:35

Thanet Alan Green Memorial 10 mile Race

Scott Simpson – 01:06:40
Sam Lewis – 01:07:47
Neil Hacon – 01:08:03
Nick Freeman – 01:10:57
Paul Williams – 01:15:18
Andy Patching – 01:24:28
Kevin Easton – 01:31:45
Gina Woodfine – 01:33:11
Gary Spicer – 01:33:11
Jackie Austin – 01:36:21 PB
Gavin Malloch – 01:36:31
Mark Leppard – 01:41:42
Lisa Burton – 01:43:35 PB
Sheila Malloch – 01:46:33
Vanessa Patching – 01:48:00
Sally Patching – 01:50:00
Katrina Potter – 01:57:26
Pamela Farrell – 01:59:37

Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney

Christopher Williams, one of the clubs two antipodean Striders, took on Ironman 70.3 in Western Sydney. 
He swam the 1.9k 1 lap swim course in the man made, sheltered Penrith Lake home to the 2000 Olympic Sydney International Regatta Center. Swim completed and onto the bike with scenic views of the Blue Mountains on the 90k two-lap course. Bike completed onto the final run section of the race, Chris will have got to re-live the best of the 2000 Olympic venue with the course encircling the iconic Penrith Lake.
Chris finished the race in a time of 5hr 12m 10s.

Brett Owler Half Marathon & Whitstable Mo-Run 10k

The Sittingbourne Striders were expecting rain this weekend but, as ever, this didn’t stop them from heading out and representing their club. As it was, the weather held and runners even caught a glimpse of the sun.

Bret Owler Half Marathon

Unfortunately, this didn’t prevent the muddy conditions at the Brett Owler Half Marathon in Ashford, in which 17 Striders took part. After slogging through the mud and puddles, Pires Scott James Simpson was the first Strider home, with a time of 1 hour, 35 minutes and 43 seconds. Following him was Nick Freeman, with a time of 1 hour, 39 minutes and 16 seconds.

Crossing the line with a fantastic time of 2 hours, 2 minutes and 48 seconds, Karen Seymour was the first home for the ladies, followed by Davinia Brown with a time of 2 hours, 21 minutes and 39 seconds.

Herne Bay and Whitstable MoRun 10k

Up on the north coast of Kent, Striders got to feel the sea breeze through their moustaches (real or fake) at the Herne Bay and Whitstable MoRun 10k. With a flat route along the seafront, there was a real chance for some great PBs — especially for Ryan Pook who was first Strider home with a truly impressive 39 minutes 43 seconds. Ryan also took home 2nd place overall, a fantastic achievement for a Strider of only 4 months. Ryan was followed by Adam Stallard, with a time of 47 minutes, 39 seconds, and Richard Millns at 52 minutes, 29 seconds.

Doing it for the ladies, Gemma Peatey crossed the line at 55 minutes, 56 seconds, a fantastic PB. Gemma was followed by Katrina Fisher and Anne Smith who were neck and neck with times of 1 hour, 1 minute and 44 seconds.

Marden Half Marathon & 10k

Three Striders raced the Marden Half Marathon weekend. Richard Mcdonagh was first Strider home in a time of 1:33:21 with Sam Lewis just behind him in a time of 1:36:54. Jackie Austin also completed race in a time oh 2:12:25.

Five Striders ran the shorter 10k distance. Richard Vassiliou was first Strider home in a time of 49:14 and first female home was Katrina Fisher 1:00:18.
Other times: John Kingsnorth (52:59), Anne Smith (1:00:23) and Kirsty Lucas (01:01:48).

The Bridge Team Relay Duathlon

3k run, 12.5k bike, 3k run
It was a sea of red, black and gold at the Cyclopark with 45 Striders taking part in the Team Relay Duathlon.
Making up 15 of the 37 teams taking part in the run, bike, run event this was a first try at a multi sport event for some members from the running side of the club. 
Team Tunstall were first home, 4th mixed team, total time: 2:42:38
Steve Prince 54:25
Olwen Cockell 56:37 ** 1st female Strider
Nick Baytun 51:34
Team RAM 2:43:04 5th mixed team:
Rachel Ward 1:00:24
Michael Neame 53:07
Andy Baptie 49:32 **1st male Strider
Team AES 2:48:09 11th male team
Sean Bootes 1:02:17
Elliott Stokes 52:54
Ashley Claridge 52:57
3 Men 1 Of Which Is A Doris 2:50:10 7th mixed 
Rachael Robertson 1:03:12
Phil Robertson 53:56
Nick Freeman 53:01
Woody And Her Peckers 2:52:52 8th mixed
Gina Woodfine 1:02:04
Joseph Lovelock 54:23 
James Topham 56.24
Two Wronguns Don’t Make A Wright 2:55:56 9th mixed
Andrew Howes 59:19
Claire Wright 1:02:56
Paul Bowditch 53:40
Not So Random Oldies 2:56:31 10th mixed
Paul Williams 1:05:56 (2 punctures!)
Karen Seymour 57:10
Ian Gower 53:24
JLM 3:01:01 11th mixed 
James Reeves 50:33
Marriane Seaward 1:12:59
Lucy Hewett 57:28
Miles to Martinis 3:04:38 12th mixed
Abbey-Gale Bratb 1:03:12
Kelly Lywood 59:51
Andrew Thomas 1:01:34
Cirque du Sore Legs 3:04:56 13th mixed
Clare Eastop 1:07:10
Neil Hacon 50:33
Lorraine Neale 1:07:12
Striders 3 Shiggles 3:06:49 14th mixed 
Andy Settle 1:01:48
Trudy Thomas 1:11:36
Andy Waller 53:24
Wednesday Wizards 3:07:12 15th mixed 
Lisa Hammond 57:41
Nicola Garner 1:13:10
Ross Pilcher 56:20
Rose Between Two Thorns 3:09:38 13th mens 
Jeff Fox 1:04:12
Brian Best 1:07:57
Martyn Grant 57:34
Pimp My Stride 3:10:23 16th mixed 
Emma Chamberlain 1:12:28
Kevin Eastop 56:14
John Nunes 1:01:40
Lean, Mean and Keen 3:18:33 17th mixed 
Melissa Prince 1:15:31
Lynne Hacon 59:55
Katherine Windsor 1:03:05

Deal Castle 5 Mile, Howletts 5k & Bideford 10 Mile

After the apocalyptic conditions of the Beachy Head Marathon last week, it was a far more sedate affair this weekend with a handful of striders taking part in races around the county.

Richard Millns was the first strider home at the Deal Castle 5 mile, a fast and flat out-and-back race along the coast, in 42mins56secs, closely followed by first lady strider Heather Glass in 43min25secs.

Another half dozen Striders took to the wild to run the Howletts 5k run, which winds its way around the animal reserve. Father and Son team Sean and Jack Bootes crossed the line in near-identical times of 26mins3secs and 26mins2secs respectively, and first strider across the line was Gemma Peatey in 27min59secs

Beachyhead 2019

Sixty Striders took a trip down to Eastbourne to run the famous Seven Sisters in the Beachyhead Marathon and 10k. Forty-seven striders took on the challenge of running the UK’s hardest marathon in wet and windy conditions. Neil Hacon was first Strider home, clocking a minute over the four-hour mark. Hacon was followed by David Valenti in four hours and 17 minutes then Nick Bayntun in 4 hours and 31 minutes. Rosie Williams was the first female strider home in four hours and 50 minutes, followed by Jacqueline Woodhouse in four hours and 53 minutes.

Other times: Paul Williams 4:38, Phil Robertson 4:46, James Topham 4:54, Bradley Clayton 5:01, Roy Shears 5:12, Mark Ransom 5:27, Richard Vassiliou 5:28, Ross Campbell 5:28, Joseph Lovelock 5:36, Paul Bowditch 5:39, Lucy Hewett 5:39, Andrew Howes 5:41, Rachael Roberston 5:42, Jeff Gardiner 5:51, Jo Branchett 6:06, Steve prince 6:16, Davina Brown 6:19, Claire Wright 6:22, Danielle Smith 6:22,Ross Pilcher 6:27, Lisa Hammond 6:27, Clare Eastop 6:33, Kevin Eastop 6:33 Gemma Flegg 6:45, Ronal Smith 6:56, Sheila Malloch 7:05, Gavin Malloch 7:05, Michelle Perry 7:16, Helen Shears 7:17, Emma Higgins 7:17, Louise Marshall 7:43, Wendy Howes 7:55, Marriane Seaward 7:55, Michael Osmond 7:55, Lesley Osmond 7:55, Jo Bing 8:14. Wendy Swann 8:14, Wendy Knee 8:32, Lynne Hacon 8:32, Perter Harvey 8:32, Bob Holmes 8:33

Thirteen Striders took part in the shorter 10k distance. Glenn Davies was first Strider home in a time of 47 minutes and 8 seconds followed by first female Strider Karen Seymour (53 minutes and 27 seconds).

Other times: Lisa Duce 57:32, Julie Greene 57:38, Matthew Chesson 01:01:00, Martine Ingram 1:13:19, Jo Cyman 1:22:00, Brad Thompson  1:32:18, Mark Leppard 1:32:18, Sally Patching 1:32:19, Vanessa Patching 1:32:19, Jane Patching 1:32:19, Andy Patching 1:32:19

Jackie Austin completed the Dublin marathon in 5 hours and 37 minutes and Katrina Potter completed Ashford 10 miles in 2 hours and 2 minutes.