About the Club

87459551Formed in February 1986 as a running club, a triathlon section was added in 2013. Sittingbourne Striders is a friendly, well-established club and caters for runners and Tri-athletes of all abilities, but you do have to be 17 years of age or over.  In addition to our running and triathlons, we have a program of social activities throughout the year.

The main objective of the club is to encourage the sport of running, triathlon and jogging for both male and females. Whether you just want to jog for a mile or two or have your sights on a marathon, or a triathlon at any level, there will be others willing to join you at your pace. The hardest part of all is plucking up the courage to come along for the first time!  There is a mistaken belief that all members of a running club are super athletes, well you only have to look around the Striders to realise this is definitely not the case!  We are a friendly bunch and there are many benefits in joining in with a group, apart from the obvious one of security for the ladies.  You will soon find that you can hold a conversation comfortably and the miles will fly past during the good humoured banter and chitchat.

Whilst Sittingbourne Striders aim is to encourage all members to participate in races, especially those designated for the club championship, there is no obligation to do so and members remain free to enter any event they wish.

Contact Wendy Knee, the Club Secretary on 01795 431713 for more details