Canterbury 10 2019

The sold out, well established 10 mile road race was the first of the Striders Club Championship races for 2019. Setting off from Christchurch University the pleasant undulating course took runners around the rural roads to the south of Canterbury on a windy January morning. 

Andy Baptie was first male Strider home in a time of 1:08:32 placing him 95th out of a field of 1411 runners. Nick Freeman was 2nd Strider home in a time of 1:09:24 placing him 114th overall with Rebecca Still taking the title of 1st Strider home for the ladies crossing the line in 1:21:48 which placed her 406th overall. 

95th Andy Baptie – 1:08:32 – PB
114th Nick Freeman – 1:09:24 – PB
130th Gary Spicer – 1:10:21
160th James Reeves – 1:12:33
247th James Topham – 1:16:16
293rd Ian Gower – 1:18:00
353rd Paul Bowditch – 1:19:43
378th Luke Blanshard – 1:20:41
387th Stephen Prince – 1:21:09
406th Rebecca Still – 1:21:48
459th Lucy Hewett – 1:23:29
501st William Wakeman – 1:25:00
553rd Darren James – 1:26:40
591st Darren Billing – 1:28:15
653rd Martin Stevens – 1:29:58
650th Andrew Howes – 1:30:03 – PB
742nd Sophie Byrne – 1:32:47
762nd Heather Glass – 1:33:44
766th David Whittley – 1:33:51
787th Gina Woodfine – 1:34:20
797th Nicky Knight – 1:35:04
815th Emma Penfold – 1:35:10
826th Sam Fawcett – 1:35:29
854th Amanda Claridge – 1:35:44
910th Carey Philpott – 1:38:46
937th Ronald Smith – 1:39:57
945th Nicki Brown – 1:40:06
974th Jackie Austin – 1:40:51
1050th Gavin Malloch – 1:43:11
1108th Gemma Flegg – 1:46:11
1123rd Max Bodimeade – 1:46:32
1125th Guy Mills – 1:46:24
1135th Annette Lebreton – 1:47:15
1136th Shelly Wilson – 1:47:08
1137th Cliver Glover – 1:47:15
1148th Talita Wigg – 1:47:43 – PB
1152nd Pamela Farrell – 1:47:50 – PB
1171st Alison Kite – 1:48:55
1235th Katrina Potter – 1:53:36 – PB
1237th Marriane Seaward – 1:53:11
1260th Jo Bing – 1:55:39
1271st Gemma Windley – 1:56:33
1294th Vanessa Hawks – 1:58:56
1307th Lisa Burton – 1:59:00 – PB
1308th Susannah Ulyatt – 1:59:00 – PB
1376th Dave Wood – 2:09:18 – PB
1404th Victoria Whittley – 2:28:04

Madeira Marathon 2019

Two Striders avoided the cold weather this weekend by flying to Madeira to run the Maratona do Funchal.

Ollie Pryer managed to get a fantastic time of 3hrs 28mins 24 secs despite the 20 degree hot and humid conditions, finishing 41st out of a field of 207.

Samantha Hewitt came in at 4 hours 36mins 4secs and was the 21st lady over the finish line.

The marathon is an international event attracting runners from all over the world- with a largely flat course on the southern coast of Madeira.

Staplehurst 10 Mile & Lamberhurst 10k

Staplehurst 10-miler

The Striders put in a strong showing in the final event of 2018 with a group of 30 members braving the challenging Staplehurst 10-mile road race.

First of the male athletes home was Ceri Burr in an impressive 1hr 17mins 54secs. Just over a minute behind followed Paul Bowditch in 1hr 19mins 19secs. Third Strider home went to Clive Crisp in 1hr 22mins.

Rebecca Still was first lady Strider back in 1he 21mins 2secs, this saw her placed 19th overall in the women’s field. Lisa Duce followed in 1 hr 33mins and Jackie Austin finished well in 1hr 38mins 16secs.

Ceri Burr 1:17:54

Paul Bowditch 1:19:19

Rebecca still 1:21.02

Clive Crisp 1:22:00

Darren James 1:31:18

Lisa Duce 1:33:00

Gavin Malloch 1:34:36

Andrew Howes 1:35:09

Carey Philpott 1:37:52

Jackie Austin 1:38:16

Nicki Brown 1:40:50

Andrea Farrell 1:42:32

Alison Kite 1:43:43

Rachael Adkins 1:45:42

Lisanne Tullett 1:46:18

Talita Wigg 1:48:22

Richard Millns 1:49:02

Clive Glover 1:50:11

Pamela Farrell 1:51:29

Annette Lebreton 1:53:08

Danielle Smith 1:55:34

Alison Kemp 1:56:07

Katrina Potter 1:56:41

Jo Bing 2:02:08

Denise Grant 2:05:45

Paula O’reilly 2:05:46

Susannah Ulyatt 2:10:22

Wendy Howes 2:11:48

Sandra Gardiner 2:16:10

Hannah Hudson 2:16:20

Victoria Whittley 2:16:23

Lamberhurst 10km

On New Years Day Jackie Austin travelled to Lamberhurst to race the NYD 10km event.

She completed the course in 1hr 3mins and 6secs.

Santa Dash & SVN Samphire Hoe

Rebecca’s endurance effort still going strong
With an impressive tally of recent marathons to her name Rebecca Still opted for yet another endurance event on Saturday 15 December.

She completed 20 miles of the Saxon, Viking and Normans run in Samphire Hoe in 3hrs 8mins. An epic effort in freezing temperatures.

Sun comes out for Santa Dash
A number of Striders headed to the Cyclopark on Sunday for the festive Santa Dash over 5km and 10km routes.

The Sun shone and conditions were perfect with little wind and a good, albeit somewhat hilly, running surface.

In the 10km event it was Lisanne Tullett who led the Striders home finishing 16th in a field of 66 women and 64th out of 132 runners.

Next was Angela Clarke in 1hr 4mins 50secs closely followed by Rachael Adkins and Sara Cox who both ran 1hr 5mins 23secs.

In the 5km event Sally Smith ran with her 22-month-old daughter in her buggy. They completed the event in 25mins 18secs. This saw her placed 8th out if 102 runners with the added bonus of a prize for being 2nd lady out of 61 and a win in her age group.

Yvonne Crawford was next with 31mins 21secs. This saw her placed 17th lady and 5th in her age group. Amanda Crawford finished in 53mins 47secs.

Lisanne Tullett 1hr 2mins 10secs
Angela Clarke 1hr 4mins 50secs
Rachael Adkins 1hr 5mins 23secs
Sara Cox 1hr 5mins 23secs
Talita Wigg 1hr 8mins 35secs
Lisa Burton 1hr 11mins 25secs

Sally Smith (&Sophie) 25.18
Yvonne Crawford 31mins 21secs
Amanda Crawford 53.47

Betteshanger Santa Run

On Sunday Jackie Austin travelled to Betteshanger Country Park for the 5 mile Santa run.

She whizzed round in an impressive time of 46mins 53secs.

Turkey Run, Lanzarote Half & Inter-counties XC

Lanzarote Half

Ellie Hynes shunned the wet and windy UK to take on the Lanzarote half marathon held on Saturday, 8 December.

Whilst he strider team mates were putting on numerous base layers Ellie found the heat in the event quite challenging. However despite this she soldiered on to complete the 13.1-miles in 1hr 50mins. An excellent time.

Santa Run
Jackie Austin took part in the Santa Run at Milton Creek on Sunday. The Strider finished the 5km in 29.40.

Liz Weeks represented Kent Cross Country Team in the inter-counties race held in Horspath, Oxford on Saturday 8 December.

Liz completed the 6km hilly, muddy course in 25.10.

Ditton Turkey Run

The Striders descended on Ditton for the annual mud-fest that is the Maidstone Harriers Turkey Run on Sunday 9 December.

The event offered an opportunity to run off road across 10km of undulating countryside and get a little wet and muddy along the way.

Top three men for the Striders were Scott Simpson with a time of 41.20. Just behind was Ollie Pryer with a 42.48 and 3rd team mate back was Nick Freeman in 43.10.

The ladies ran well too. Rosie Williams claiming bragging rights for first lady Strider home in 52.57. Alison Davey was next with 54.37 and 3rd lady back was Rebecca Still in 55.35.

Scott Simpson 41:20
Ollie Pryer 42:48
Nick Freeman 43:10
Christopher Mudge 48:37
Ceri Burr 48:56
Andrew Patching 52:02
Rosie Williams 52:57
Alison Davey 54:37
Rebecca Still 55:35
Sam Hewitt 55:44
David Whittley 55:27
Angela Smith 55:59
Darren Billing 56:05
Nikki Brenchley 56:04
Heather Glass 1:00:27
Davinia Brown 1:00:44
Nicola Knight 1:01:23
Ronald Smith 1:03:43
Emma Penfold 1:04:22
Carey Philpott 1:05:25
Elliott Mead 1:06:58
Aneta Steers 1:07:37
Jeff Fox 1:07:15
Eleanor Davies 1:09:31
Marriane Seaward 1:10:47
Gina Woodfine 1:11:15
Talita Wigg 1:11:27
Paula O’Reilly 1:11:31
Alison Kite 1:12:05
Vanessa Patching 1:12:07
Robyn Benyon 1:11:41
Sally Smith 1:12:18
Yvonne Crawford 1:12:29
Kelly Pamplin 1:15:36
Wendy Howes 1:19:50
Dave Wood 1:20:10
Denise Grant3630 1:22:51
Wendy Knee 1:23:03
Robert Holmes 1:23:03
Clare Fox 1:25:04
Mona Whitehead 1:30:00
Jane Patching 1:30:00
Louise Marshall 1:36:57
Sally Patching 1:36:57
Brad Thompson 1:36:57

Thanet 10, Reindeer Run & Huntwood Ultra

Thanet Road Club 10 mile
Striders flocked to the Alan Green memorial 10 mile road race held on Sunday, 2 December.

The flat course starting at Westgate Pavillion potentially could offer the runners personal best times but the strong headwind on the course left the team battling to the finish line.

Ollie Pryer was in the top 20 recording a time of 1hr 10mins 1sec. He was closely followed by David Valenti in 1hr 10mins 39secs. 3rd clubman home was James Reeves who crossed the finish line in 1hr 12mins 29secs.

Jennifer Simpson was first club lady home in 1hr 20mins 5secs. Rebecca Still was hot on her heels in 1hr 23mins 21secs with Karen Seymour just 2mins behind in 1hr 25mins 8secs.

Ollie Pryer 1:10:01
David Valenti 1:10:39
James Reeves 1.12.29
Glenn Davies 1.14.16
James Topham 1.16.24
Jennifer Simpson 1.20.05
Mick Diddams 1.20.51
Rebecca Still 1.23.21
Karen Seymour 1.25.08
Andrew Patching 1.25.56
David Whittley 1.30.55
Sam Hewitt 1.31.21
Davinia Brown 1.35.54
Heather Glass 1.36.04
Ronald Smith 1.38.03
Gavin Malloch 1.40.49
Jackie Austin 1.44.09
Alison Kite 1.47.41
Yvonne Crawford 1.58.57
Emma Higgins 1.59.32
Helen Shears 1.59.34
Sheila Malloch 2.00.39
Susannah Ulyatt 2.01.38
Wendy Howes 2.03.40
Victoria Whittley 2.08.14

Liz to represent county
Liz Weeks has been selected to run for Kent after an excellent early season of cross country.

The Strider, who is also a personal trainer, will join other speedy ladies as part of team Kent, as they go forward into the regional championships.

Reindeer Run
Alison Davey picked up a podium at the Reindeer run held at Chatham Dockside on Sunday.

Alison was 3rd overall in the ladies event with a time of 27mins 41secs.

Emma Penfold also ran with a time of 35mins 24secs. Robyn Benyon completed the 5km in 38min and Denise Grant finished in 39mins 24secs.
Alison Davey – 27.41 3 rd lady
Emma Penforld – 35.24
Robyn Benyon – 38.00
Denise Grant – 39.24

SVN Challenge
Darren Billing took on the half marathon distance at Betteshanger on Sunday. The Strider completed 13.1 miles in 2hrs 4mins 4secs.

Hurtwood 50km

Bradley Clayton and Paul Bowditch completed the Hurtwood 50km challenge on Sunday. The pair stayed together and both finished in 6hrs 32mins.



Whitstable MoRun, Fudgeathon & Doncaster 10km


Rebecca Still donned her Strider vest to take on her third marathon distance in a month on Saturday, 24 November at the Saxon Vikings and Norman’s marathon challenge in Samphire Hoe.

The event was a mix of on and off roads and took on 100ft of elevation on each lap with a long stretch along the seafront with a strong headwind.
The endurance specialist has had some credible top 10 finishes recently, but this was to be her best event of the season and she romped round the 26.2-mile course to take the overall ladies win in 4hrs 24mins 25secs.

Velopark 10km
On Saturday, 24 November Racheal Noble took park in the VeloPark 10km event in Stratford.
The fairly flat course provides a good opportunity to return a good time and Racheal did just that finishing in 58mins 8secs.

Whitstable ‘MoRun’ 5km and 10km events

The Striders headed to Whitstable to race the Fix events ‘MoRun on Sunday 25 November.’ The event raises awareness of men’s health in particular prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

The course was a flat out and back along Whitstable seafront with a strong headwind on the return leg making it just that little bit tougher as fatigue sets in.

The 10km event had 288 runners taking part.

Daniel Judd was first back for the team in 44mins 2secs this saw him placed 8th overall and 3rd senior male.

Rachel Adkins was next and first lady Strider home in recording a time of 58mins 46secs.

Terry Morse was 3rd back for the reds in 55mins 20secs.

The Strider team also took great pleasure in winning an award for best team in fancy dress.

In the 5km event Sally Smith entered with her 21-month old daughter Sophie who was co-piloting the running buggy. With 83 runners taking part the tail wind start got her off to a good position holding 3 rd place overall and finishing in 24mins 53mins. She was also presented with a winners running top for finishing first lady in the event.

10km results
Daniel Judd 44mins 2secs
Rachel Adkins 58mins 46secs
Terry Morse 55mins 20secs
Richard Millns 59mins 26secs
Clive Glover 1hr 2mins 59secs
Katy Mills 1hr 3mins 43secs
Sarah Bowden 1hr 4mins 43secs
Katrina Potter 1hr 5mins 33secs
Lisanne Tullett 1hr 6mins 2secs
Sara Cox 1hr 6mins 37secs
Talita Wigg 1hr 7mins 2secs
Allison Bourne 1hr 7mins 3secs
Georgina Higgins 1hr 7mins 24secs
Tracey Jenkins 1hr 8mins 52secs
Susannah Ulyatt 1hr 11mins 31secs
Lisa Burton 1hr 11mins 39secs
Carolyn Marshall 1hr 11mins 44secs
Angela Clarke 1hr 12mins 19secs
Dave Wood 1hr 12min 31secs
Beth Wood 1hr 21mins 57secs
Heidi knight 1hr 26mins 8secs

Sally Smith and 21-month-old Sophie 24.53

Doncaster 10km
Pamela Farrell joined a full field on 3000 runners in Doncaster for the annual 10km event starting from Doncaster racecourse.
Despite a crowded field the Strider managed to dart round other runners to get to the finish in 1hr 1min 38secs. This was a personal best time and earned her 22 nd in the ladies competition and 16 th in her age category.

Wendover Woods, Brecon Beacons & Marden 10km

Brecon Beacon Marathon

Rebecca Still got the weekend off to a good start for the Sittingbourne Striders when she ran in the Brecon Beacon Marathon on Saturday, 17 November.

The off-road event takes in the climb of Pen Y Fan, which is the highest peak in South Wales. It is an event for the fittest and toughest endurance athletes, however this did not put off Rebecca who dug deep and kept going round the 26.2-miles to finish in a time of 6hrs 2mins 58secs.

After the event she was thrilled to learn she had taken 15th place in a very strong field of women.

Marden 10km

On Sunday, 18 November four Striders travelled to Marden to take part in the 10km running race which has become a popular event on the running calendar.

The flat course draws runners for its PB potential and the four Striders ladies all put in excellent performances.

First back was Emily Middleton in 54mins 12secs. She was closely followed by Amanda Claridge in a personal best time of 55mins 7secs. Jackie Austin was hot on her heels in 58mins 50secs with Jo Bing not far behind in a time of 1hrs 7mins 49secs.

Wendover Woods 50

Endurance experts Craig Eccleston, Bradley Clayton and Paul Bowditch took on an epic challenge by completing the Wendover Woods 50-mile event in Aylesbury on Saturday, 17 November.

Unfortunately despite completing similar events in the past Craig did not finish this time.

However his Strider teammates put in exceptional performances to both finish in 13hrs 10mins, which demonstrates both their strong will and fitness!

Bexhill & Kent League XC

Bexhill half-marathon and 10km
Yvonne Crawford travelled to Bexhill on Saturday, 10 November to take on the Bexhill half-marathon.
The Strider put in an excellent performance around 13.1-mile course to return a time of 2hrs 46mins.
Her fellow club-mate also ran at Bexhill and opted for the 10km Poppy challenge. Andrea Lees Farrell made it around the 6.2-mile course in 1hr 37secs.
Kent League Cross Country
Saturday, 10 November saw the third fixture for the Kent League cross country in Danson Park, Welling.
In the ladies event over 5km top Strider was Liz Weeks who finished 14 th in a time of 18mins 22secs. Jen Simpson returned a time of 21mins 9secs earning her 68 th place. Alison Davey was close behind in 117 th with 23.38.

Porto Marathon, Deal 5 & Thames Meander

Porto Marathon
Two Striders tackled the Porto Marathon in Portugal on Sunday, 4 November.

Ollie Pryer whizzed round the course in 3hrs 26mins 25secs. Sam Hewitt did a brilliant run to return a time of 4hrs 27mins 57secs.

Deal 5
Yvonne Crawford and Jackie Austin headed to Deal for the 5 mile race along the seafront.

Jackie was first back in 45mins 34secs with Yvonne just over the 50-min mark with a time of 51mins 8secs.

London Meander Half Marathon
Two members ran the London meander half marathon on Saturday 3 November.

Louise Marshall completed the 13.1 mile course in 2hrs 33mins 55secs and Carolyn Marshall 2hrs 33mins 56secs.