Triathlon Club Championships

Triathlon Club Championship Events

2018 Club Championships

The first race has been confirmed – the rest to follow

Bridge Duathlon

5th March 2017Sprint
* Discounted places available for Leeds Castle Tri if you volunteer to marshal. Contact Lynne Hacon for details.
WILD CARD. You pick your race and distance. You must notify Ross Pilcher prior to event.
Four races count towards final score



How does the Club Championship work?

The overall winner will be the athlete that accrues the highest score over any 4 of the championship races.
The scoring system is balanced to take age and gender into account, thus there is no differentiation for age or gender in the overall results.
An Elite championship will also exist within the main championship
Participants will become “Elite” when they score more than 5 points in any one championship event.
Using the same method as the main championship (best of 4 races) the non Elite competitor that has the highest score, having never scored more than 5 points at a single event will be the champion.


How are points awarded?

Points are awarded based on your finishing rank within your category. The categories defined by the event organiser will be used.  Where these are not present gender will be used. *Where less than 5 competitors exist in a category points will be awarded based on your finishing position.




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