Milton Keynes Marathon and Half 2018 

David Valenti had to contend with sweltering heat whilst running the Milton Keynes marathon. The Strider who said he wanted to give up and phone his wife at 18-miles as he was suffering from the heat and dizzy spells, refused to give up and crossed the line in a very respectable 4hrs and 12minutes. 
Tenacity must run in the family, because his dad Paul Valenti had to cope with equally difficult conditions in the half marathon event. Like his son he showed true strength of character to ‘keep on running’ completing the event in 2hrs 30mins. 

London Marathon 2018

20 Sittingbourne Striders took part in the London Marathon held on Sunday, 22 April 2018.

With record temperatures the runners had a lot to contend with for the mass participation event. It is fair to say that despite many of the team being capable of running sub-4 hours times, the extreme heat took its toll with a number deciding to ease of the pace in the interests of safety.

Many of the team were running in aid of good causes with thousands being raised for charity.

London Marathon 2018

1 st for the club was Mick Diddams who just missed out on sub 4, he ran 4.04.14. He was closely followed by Ashley Claridge, running in aid of Children with Cancer, in 4.06.15. Third Strider home went to Craig Eccleston 4.26.25.

Alastair Wilkins, who is in the process of joining the club, was the only friend of the Striders going under 3-hours. He ran a fantastic race to finish in 2.44.08.

First lady home for the team was Olwen Cockell, running for the Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit, she completed the course in 4.08.12. 2nd lady Strider back was Karen Seymore, who was running to raise money for NDCS. She finished in 4.34.43. Third place honours were taken by Angyalka Bartlett in 4.49.43.

The drama of the day was provided by Paul Williams, running in aid of MDNA. He became disorientated 800m from the finish. Two runners saw him struggling and lifted him by the elbows to escort him to the finish. Though the time of 5.57.11 is somewhat off the usual pace for the runner, the experience highlights the spirit and comradery that the marathon brings out in people.

Striders London marathon competitors (with charity where applicable)
Alastair Wilkins 2.44.08
Mick Diddams 4.04.14
Ashley Claridge 4.06.15 (Children with Cancer)
Olwen Cockell 4.08.12 (Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit)
Craig Eccleston 4.26.25
Karen Seymour 4.34.43 (NDCS)
Andy Patching 4.38.05 (Children with Cancer)
Angyalka Bartlett 4.49.43
Paul Dyer-Wright 4.50.05 (St Michaels Hospice)
Vicky Attwood 4.52.01 (Team Victa)
Daniel Judd 5.03.29 (Team Macmillan)
Ronald Smith 5.20.31
Paul Williams 5.57.11 (MNDA)
Joanna Bing 6.07.11
Daniel Tester 6.14.41 (Muscular Dystrophy UK)
Colin Ayling 6.20.31 (Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit)
Hayley Thomas 6.29.44 (Clic Sargent)
Annette Lebteton 6.39.06 (Wisdom Hospice)
Dionne Grant 6.39.07
Alison Davey – retired

Reject Run 2018

Elliot Stokes took part in the reject run in Samphire Hoe, it’s a race designed to attract those runner who didn’t win a place in London 2018. He completed the marathon distance course in around 4:01:30.

Boston (Lincs) Marathon 2018

Roy and Helen Shears travelled to Lincoln to run the Boston marathon. Roy broke the 4-hour barrier completing the course in 3.55.56. Helen did very well to finish in 5.41.39.

Brighton Marathon and 10k 2018

The conditions for the seafront marathon were a vast improvement after the heat of last years race, with 21 Striders taking part in what is now the 2nd largest marathon in the UK and 6 in the 10k.  Kevin Rye led the Striders pack home obtaining a personal best of 3.06.45 placing him 214th overall in a field of 19772 runners! Teresa Watson came in with another pb of 4.28.53, earning her a good for age place in next years London Marathon



Kevin Rye 3.06.45 214th out of 19772 runners – pb
Ashley Claridge 3.42.58 – 1660th
Mick Diddams 3.47.01 – 1979th
Laura Woods 3.57.02 –
Sarah Bradshaw 3.57.55 – 3050th – pb
Lucy Hewett 3.59.01 – 3182nd
James Pamplin 4.01.21 – 3407th
Kellymarie Lywood 4.02.11 – 3478th
Rob Sapp 4.09.14 – 4030th
Matt Nunn 4.13.33 – 4500th
Steve Prince 4.13.20 – 4371th
Ross Pilcher 4.15.27 – 4569th
Teresa Watson 4.28.53 – 5799 – pb & gfa
Paul Bowditch 4.30.35 – 5944th
Lisa Hammond 4.33.17 – 6184th
George Samuel 4.46.01 – 7299th
Gavin Malloch 4.59.29 – 8326th
Andrew Howes 5.20.35 – 9487th
Jo Bing 5.43.20 – 10387th
Steve Bradshaw DNF
Darren James DNF

Shelly Coker 48.29 – 461st out of 4552 runners – pb
David Whittley 50.04 – 585th – pb
Sheila Malloch 59.05 – 1581st – pb
Orla Mcgaley 1.08.10 – 2514th – pb
Felicity Cleary 1.08.10 – 2515th – pb
Wendy Howes 1.10.58 – 2731st – pb

Owler 10k, Half & Full Marathon 2017

Owler 10k, Half & Full Marathon : Sunday 26th November 2017

5 Striders tested their legs in the new two lap multi-terrain run, set in the surroundings of Conningbrook Lakes Country Park and the roads of Brook with the following results:

Bradley Clayton 4:07:27 28th place out of 77 runners
Rosie Williams 4:35:25 41st / 8th female

Half Marathon:
Gary Read 1:54:15 51st place out of 200 runners
Gavin Malloch 1.59.46 73rd place

Sheila Malloch 1:01:47 49th place / 27th female out of 101 runners

New York City Marathon 2017

New York City Marathon : Sunday 5th November

Across the pond Chris Lawley ran the New York City Marathon in a time of 3:13:49.

Beachyhead Marathon & 10k 2017

Beachyhead Marathon & 10k 2017 : Saturday 28th October 

A warm and sunny Eastbourne greeted 58 Sittingbourne Striders who travelled to Eastbourne to take part in the Beachy Head Marathon & 10k this weekend. Flagged as the second hardest marathon in the country the gruelling course includes the impressive ascents of the 7 sisters but rewarding runners to glorious views of the south downs.


Marathon: Kevin Rye was first Strider home in a time of 3:40:41 placing him 49th overall out of a field of 2156 runners…a new record for entrants. David Valenti was next Strider home in a time of 3:59:18 placing him 154th overall. Elliot Stokes was 3rd strider home in a time of 4:28:15 putting him in 378th place. Sarah Bradshaw was first female strider home in a time of 4:46:09 placing her 581st overall.

10k: Glenn Davies came an impressive 29th place out of 751 competitors with his time of 46:10.







Maidstone Half & Full Marathon 2017

Maidstone Half & Full Marathon : 15th October

Thanks to hurricane Ophelia, unseasonally warm conditions welcomed the runners taking part in this hilly half marathon. Used as a good warm up for some of the Striders taking part in the Beachy Head Marathon at the end of this month, the course features challenging lanes in and around the villages of Boughton Monchelsea, Loose and East Farleigh. 
Ross Pilcher was the first strider home crossing the line in 1.41.18 placing him 39th overall out of 418 entrants. 
Glenn Davies – 1.47.41 – 70th place
Lucy Hewett – 1.48.55 – 75th 
Bradley Clayton – 1.50.03 – 86th
Jacob Beany – 1.50.43 – 97th
Joseph Lovelock – 1.50.59 – 96th
Jeff Fox – 1.52.04 – 102nd
Paul Bowditch – 1.53.04 – 109th
Clive Crisp – 1.56.59 – 135th
Julie Green – 2.12.33 – 268th
Davina Brown – 2.17.02 – 301st
Richard May – 2.22.12 – 322nd
Natalie Jimenez – 2.42.24 – 388th – Natalie’s first half marathon 
Aaron Pritchard took part in the full marathon which was 2 laps of the half course, crossing the line in 4.44.38 placing him 52nd out of 78 entrants. 

Eindhoven Marathon 2017

Eindhoven Marathon : Sunday 8th October

3 Striders travelled to the Netherlands to take part in the Eindhoven Marathon:

Andy Baptie crossed the line in 3.12.19 placing him 302nd overall out of 2071 participants. This amazing time will entitle him to a ‘good for age’ entry into the London Marathon!
Rachel Ward 3.46.45 – 1030th – this time also entitles Rachel to a ‘good for age’ place at the London Marathon.
Gill Holmes 4.16.45 – 1634th

The happy couple, Andy Baptie and Rachel Ward after Eindhoven Marathon delighted to have both qualified for Good for Age entries into London Marathon with their times.