Hole Park 10k & Canicross 10k

Hole Park 10k & Canicross 10k  : Sunday 2nd April

10k Canicross

This was the first event for the Canicross Striders, the latest addition to the Striders family, the group runs bi-weekly with their canine friends. All finished in the top 8 of the 10k! 
Andy Baptie won the 10k in a time of 48.28 
Michael Wraight finished 4th in a time of 55.16
Norman Swann finished 7th in 58.36
Lisa Duce finished 8th in 59.04


Three Striders tackled the hot and hilly course .
Sarah Strachan finished in 1.05.54 placing her 32nd overall out of 44 entrants
Karen Longley finished in 1.12.29 placing her 38th
Emily Middleton 1.12.30 placing her 39th 


The Dysynni Trail Fest 15k Canicross

Event: The Dysynni Trail Fest 15k Canicross
Date: 11th June 2016
Ynysymaengwyn, Tywyn
Distance: 15km


Michael Wraight travelled to Wales to take part in the 15k Canicross event with his faithful dog Indie. They put in a time of 1hr 17m 37s taking 2nd place podium spot!