Wingham 10k 2017

Wingham 10k : 10th September 2017

3 Striders ran in the Wingham 10k with the following results:
Jeff Fox crossed the line in 45.43 placing him 38th in a field of 328 runners
Laura Forster 55.50 – 136th place
Carli Deacon 56.11 – 140th
Clare Fox 1.12.19 – 296th

wingham 10k
Left to right: Clare Fox; Carli Deacon; Jeff Fox


Clacton 10k and Half Marathon 2017

Clacton 10k and Half Marathon 2017 – 20th August 2017

4 Striders visited Clacton on Carnival weekend, the race courses were fast and flat out and back along the seafront with the following results:
Clive Crisp was first strider home in a time of 50.01 placing him in 32nd position overall in a field of 175 runners.
Sonia Crisp 56.47 placing her in 75th position
Clare Fox 1.10.52 placing her in 134th position
Half Marathon
Jeff Fox crossed the line in 1.46.02 placing him 81st out of 315 entrants.
Jeff and Clare Fox

Aylesham 5k & 10k

Aylesham 5k & 10k : Sunday 6th August 2017

Sheila Mary & Gavin Malloch took part in the popular Aylesham 5k and 10k this Sunday.


Cranbrook 10k 2017

Cranbrook 10k : 16th July 2017

10 Striders took part in the multiterrain, traffic free 10k which took them along pretty footpaths and trails around the village of Cranbrook:

Chris Mudge was first Strider home in a time of 46:37 placing him 19th out of 125 entrants
Ceri Burr was next Strider across the line in a time of 46:49 place: 21st PB
Jeff Fox time: 48:02 place 30th
Aaron Pritchard time: 49:46 place 40th
Andrew Howes time: 54:20 place 64th
David Whittley time: 56:37 place 69th
Sheila Malloch time:1:07:05 place 106th PB
Clare Fox time: 1:13:27 place 122nd
Gavin Malloch DNF due to injury

Wendy Howes took part in the 5k putting in a time of 38:16 placing her 42nd out of 49 entrants.

cranbrook 10k 2017
Back row left to right: Jeff Fox; Andrew Howes; Ceri Burr; David Whittley Front row left to right: Wendy Howes; Chris Mudge; Gavin Malloch; Sheila Maloch; Clare Fox

London 10k 2017

The British 10k : 9th July 2017

Trafalgar Square, Embankment, Big Ben were amongst some of the iconic landmarks on view for the 3 Striders taking part in The British 10k with the following results:

Barry Simmons time: 48:53 place 694
Julie Southall time: 1:02:23 place 5205
Dominic Norwell time: 1:05:23 place 6615

London 10k
Barry Simmons

Herne Bay 10k Les Golding Memorial 2017

Herne Bay 10k Les Golding Memorial : 9th July 2017

10 Striders took part in the event with the following results:

Nick Freeman time: 43:07 place 44 out of 409 entrants
Ceri Burr time: 47:13 place 85
Alison Davey time: 50:33 place 129
Nina Cook time: 55:25 place 185
Kevin Eastop time: 55:55 place 194
Ronald Smith time: 58:09 place 228
Grace Mead time: 58:29 place 234
Emma Chamerlain 1:00:00 place 257
Annette Lebreton 1:08:15 place 350
Clare Eastop 1:08:35 place 353

herne bay 10k
Back row left to right: Emma Chamberlain; Kevin Eastop; Ceri Burr; Clare Eastop; Ronald Smith; Nick Freeman Front row left to right: Grace Mead; Annette Lebreton; Nina Cook; Alison Davey

Sandwich 10k 2017

Sandwich 10k : 25th June 2017

The 7 Striders taking part in the Sandwich 10k benefitted from a relatively fast and flat route around the countryside edging the historic town of Sandwich.

Sandwich 10k 2017
Striders after the Sandwich 10k left to right: Sarah Strachan; Chris Mudge; Jeff Fox; Sheila Malloch; Denise Grant; Andrew Howes; Gavin Malloch; David Whittley

Sandwich 10k Results out of 323
Chris Mudge time: 46:46 place: 69
Jeff Fox time: 47:04 place: 72
Andrew Howes time: 52:38 place: 128
Gavin Malloch time: 52:03 place: 131
David Whittley time: 55:18 place: 155
Sheila Malloch time: 1:07:17 place: 271
Denise Grant time: 1:07:31 place: 275

Striders after the Sandwich 10k left to right: Sarah Strachan; Chris Mudge; Jeff Fox; Sheila Malloch; Denise Grant; Andrew Howes; Gavin Malloch; David Whittley

Staplehurst 10k 2017

Staplehurst 10k : 11th June 2017

2 Striders took part in the Staplehust 10k, a fast, flat course around the village lanes makes this a popular race for runners hoping for a PB. Alison Davey crossed the line in 49m 21s placing her 131st out of 379 entrants. Ronald Smith finished in 56m 43 s placing him 220th overall.

Staplehurst 10k
Ron Smith & Alison Davey

Vitality 10k 2017

Vitality 10k : 29th May 2017

8 Striders took part in the Vitality London 10,000 with Lee Simpson being first to cross the line for the Striders in a time of 39:50 placing him 624 out of 12,400 runners, his brother was close behind with a time of 41:03 placing him 756 overall, Chris Lawley 44:51, 1422 overall, Andrew Patching 47:33, 2099 overall, Darren Billing 50:23, 2956 overall, Joao Nunes 54:06, 4310 overall, John Kingsnorth 54:06, 4314 overall, Farron Rayment 1:18:41, 11449 overall.

Sittingbourne 10k 2017

Sittingbourne 10k : 14th May 2017

There was burgundy and gold vests as far as the eye could see as at Westlands school, as a whopping 74 Striders lined up to run in the next race in the club championships, the Sittingbourne 10k.

Sittingbourne 10k

Hot and windy conditions didn’t seem to deter Rhys Goddard who won the race in a time of 34.18! 2nd Strider home was Kevin Rye in a time of 39.12 placing him 8th out of 243 overall with Lee Simpson picking up 3rd Strider spot in a time of 40.42 placing him 12th overall. Jennifer Coleman was 1st strider across the line and also 1st lady overall in a time of 45.33.

A great day for Sittingbourne Striders who collected the following awards:

Rhys Goddard: Race winner

Jennifer Coleman: 1st Lady

Lucy Hewett: 2nd Lady & age group winner W40

Olwen Cockell: 3rd Lady

Rhys Goddard; Kevin Rye and Lee Simpson: Male Team Winners

Jennifer Coleman; Lucy Hewett & Olwen Cockell: Female Team Winners

Karen Seymour: age group winner W50

Wendy Knee: age group winner W60