Cranbrook 10k 2017

Cranbrook 10k : 16th July 2017

10 Striders took part in the multiterrain, traffic free 10k which took them along pretty footpaths and trails around the village of Cranbrook:

Chris Mudge was first Strider home in a time of 46:37 placing him 19th out of 125 entrants
Ceri Burr was next Strider across the line in a time of 46:49 place: 21st PB
Jeff Fox time: 48:02 place 30th
Aaron Pritchard time: 49:46 place 40th
Andrew Howes time: 54:20 place 64th
David Whittley time: 56:37 place 69th
Sheila Malloch time:1:07:05 place 106th PB
Clare Fox time: 1:13:27 place 122nd
Gavin Malloch DNF due to injury

Wendy Howes took part in the 5k putting in a time of 38:16 placing her 42nd out of 49 entrants.

cranbrook 10k 2017
Back row left to right: Jeff Fox; Andrew Howes; Ceri Burr; David Whittley Front row left to right: Wendy Howes; Chris Mudge; Gavin Malloch; Sheila Maloch; Clare Fox

Spitfire Scramble 24hr Race

Spitfire Scramble 24hr Race : 15th – 16th July 2017

The Spitfire Scramble is a 24-hour multi-terrain relay or solo race. Entrants can run on their own or in teams of two to eight. The runners set off on their first 5.9 mile lap at midday on the Saturday and continue through the night until midday the next day. Solo runners are able to rest, if required, team runners must have a runner on course at all times.

2 Striders decided to take on London’s only 24hr trail race:

Alison Davey was part of a team of 5 ladies ‘Laughing Ladies of Essex & Kent’ winning their 3-5 category. Alison ran 6 of the 30 laps completed by her team in a total time of 24hrs 38s.

Craig Eccleston was in the minority tackling the event solo, he completed 7 laps which took him to just under the 40 miles mark in a time of 14hrs 59m 11s.

Hever Marathon 2017

Hever Marathon 2017: 9th July 2017

2 Striders took part in the Hever Castle marathon as part of the Festival of Endurance. The 4 lap course takes in 2 castles, 2 lakes and quaint Kentish villages all around the magnificent setting of Hever Castle. Rob Sapp put in a time of 4:44:27 placing him 32nd overall out of 51 entrants. Ashley Claridge, who ran with Rob, crossed the line in 4:44:35 which placed him 33rd overall.

Hever Marathon 2017
Ashley Claridge left, Rob Sapp right after the Hever Marathon.


London 10k 2017

The British 10k : 9th July 2017

Trafalgar Square, Embankment, Big Ben were amongst some of the iconic landmarks on view for the 3 Striders taking part in The British 10k with the following results:

Barry Simmons time: 48:53 place 694
Julie Southall time: 1:02:23 place 5205
Dominic Norwell time: 1:05:23 place 6615

London 10k
Barry Simmons

Herne Bay 10k Les Golding Memorial 2017

Herne Bay 10k Les Golding Memorial : 9th July 2017

10 Striders took part in the event with the following results:

Nick Freeman time: 43:07 place 44 out of 409 entrants
Ceri Burr time: 47:13 place 85
Alison Davey time: 50:33 place 129
Nina Cook time: 55:25 place 185
Kevin Eastop time: 55:55 place 194
Ronald Smith time: 58:09 place 228
Grace Mead time: 58:29 place 234
Emma Chamerlain 1:00:00 place 257
Annette Lebreton 1:08:15 place 350
Clare Eastop 1:08:35 place 353

herne bay 10k
Back row left to right: Emma Chamberlain; Kevin Eastop; Ceri Burr; Clare Eastop; Ronald Smith; Nick Freeman Front row left to right: Grace Mead; Annette Lebreton; Nina Cook; Alison Davey

Bewl 15 2017

The Bewl 15 : 2nd July 2017

Voted as 6th best race in the UK it was a record turn out for the 18th running of this popular event organised by Wadhurst Runners. Perhaps it was the draw of celebrity Dame Kelly Holmes who started and ran in the race which takes in the pretty, gently undulating hills around Bewl Water.

Bewl 15 2017
Striders before The Bewl 15. Left to right back row: Ceri Burr; James Reeves; Gavin Malloch; Bradley Clayton; Glenn Davies; James Topham; Gary Read; Michael Diddams Left to right front row: Marriane Seaward; Ronald Smith; Emily Middleton; Gina Woodfine; Andy Patching


16 Striders turned out on the hot July morning with the following impressive results:

Anthony Brown time: 1:57:49 place: 137th out of 819 Runners
Michael Diddams time: 1:58:38 place: 150th
James Reeves time: 1:58:39 place: 151st
Glenn Davies time: 2:05:23 place: 215th
Bradley Clayton time: 2:09:43 place: 265th
Ceri Burr time: 2:16:33 place: 339th
Rosie Williams time: 2:17:52 place: 356th
Gary Read time: 2:18:22 place: 365th
James Topham time: 2:20:09 place: 381st
Andy Patching time: 2:27:23 place: 468th
Rhian Shrimplin time: 2:30:31 place: 493rd
Gavin Malloch time: 2:35:16 place: 546th
Gina Woodfine time: 2:39:28 place: 600th
Emily Middleton time: 2:51:24 place: 691st
Ronald Smith time: 2:51:35 place: 695th
Marriane Seaward time: 3:05:28 place: 745th

Cliffe Wood 5 Mile 2017

Cliffe Wood 5 Mile : 2nd July 2017

Alison Davey was the sole representative for the Striders at the Cliffe Wood 5 mile race. She crossed the line in 39:47 placing her 51st out of 231 runners.

North Downs Run 2017

North Downs Run : 25th June 2017

18 Striders took on this challenging, multi terrain 30k event using established tracks and lanes over the North Downs.

North Downs Run 2017
Striders at the North Downs Run: Left to right back row: Vanessa Patching; Andy Patching; Joanne Bing; Nicholas Gallavin; Abbey-Gale Bratby; Mark Ransom; Michael Diddams; Kent Parker Left to right front row: Sally Patching; Wendy Knee; Robert Holmes; Marriane Seaward; Stuart Ridout; James Topham

North Downs Run Results out of 471 Entrants
Kent Parker time: 2:38:41 place: 79
Michael Diddams time: 2:49:46 place: 126
Michael Poppy time: 2:56:06 place: 160
Mark Ransom time: 3:09:34 place: 221
Rosie Williams time: 3:09:52 place: 225
James Topham time: 3:11:30 place: 232
Andy Patching time: 3:13:21 place: 239
Ashley Claridge time: 3:17:45 place: 251
Rob Sapp time: 3:17:45 place: 252
Nicholas Gallavin time: 3:30:05 place: 314
Abbey-Gale Bratby time: 3:32:23 place: 318
Stuart Ridout time: 4:01:40 place: 416
Marriane Seaward time: 4:04:41 place: 417
Joanne Bing time: 4:26:54 place: 452
Robert Holmes time: 4:39:21 place: 459
Wendy Knee time: 4:39:21 place: 460
Sally Patching time: 4:47:05 place: 466
Vanessa Patching time: 4:47:05 place: 467


Sandwich 10k 2017

Sandwich 10k : 25th June 2017

The 7 Striders taking part in the Sandwich 10k benefitted from a relatively fast and flat route around the countryside edging the historic town of Sandwich.

Sandwich 10k 2017
Striders after the Sandwich 10k left to right: Sarah Strachan; Chris Mudge; Jeff Fox; Sheila Malloch; Denise Grant; Andrew Howes; Gavin Malloch; David Whittley

Sandwich 10k Results out of 323
Chris Mudge time: 46:46 place: 69
Jeff Fox time: 47:04 place: 72
Andrew Howes time: 52:38 place: 128
Gavin Malloch time: 52:03 place: 131
David Whittley time: 55:18 place: 155
Sheila Malloch time: 1:07:17 place: 271
Denise Grant time: 1:07:31 place: 275

Striders after the Sandwich 10k left to right: Sarah Strachan; Chris Mudge; Jeff Fox; Sheila Malloch; Denise Grant; Andrew Howes; Gavin Malloch; David Whittley

Man vs Horse 2017

Man vs Horse : 10th June 2017

Man vs Horse began in June 1980 following a chat over a pint in the back bar of the Neuadd Arms Hotel. The then Landlord, Gordon Green, overheard two men discussing the relative merits of men and horses running over mountainous terrain. The enterprising Gordon, never one to miss an opportunity to improve business at his hotel, decided to put it to the test. And so began Green Events and its first, longest standing and now internationally acclaimed event, Man v Horse. The course was changed in 1982 to provide a more even match between the man and the horse, resulting year on year in very close finishes – sometimes with the horse winning by only a few seconds.

Striders entered a team with each of the 3 doing a leg as Team Neighly There. The team result was 4hr 6m 12s for the 22 mile hilly course placing them 198th out of 693 teams. Kevin Rye individual time was 4hr 9m 24s, placing him 220th overall.

Man vs Horse